Thursday, October 14, 2004

The good good thing about bad bad insomnia is

You really don't miss any classes starting at 8 the next morning because you NEVER GOT ROUND to the falling asleep bit. So getting up is actually no more than that.

Yes, the Stilnox, I know; but when you think you will actually be asleep by [enter fairly decent hour, say around 2] you don't foresee the need for said pill so you're pretty much [enter copulatory verb of choice in the past tense].

By the time most of you read this - that would be my American West Coast readership - I will already have wrestled a sheep to the ground to immobilise it (I'm damn good at it too) and will no doubt have been trampled on, AGAIN, by a pissed off cow.

And what do you think the odds are I'll still be around at 14.00 to enjoy the thrill of learning all about algor, rigor and livor mortis? The saddest thing is, I was very much LOOKING FORWARD to it!

What was that? My life IS NOT GLAMOUROUS? Oh please [enter fly-shooing hand motion], you're just jealous.


At 14/10/04 22:18, Blogger 28dayslater said...

I'm just guessing here - but do you need some sleep......

At 17/10/04 02:27, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Yikes. That kind of sucks that you're not sleeping yet. This is not good.

Where did the map go? Am I missing it?

At 17/10/04 13:30, Blogger The Lioness said...

DM: pay close attention - there's my profile; beneath it, there's a very insightful quote from Douglas Adams in aqua green; beneath it there's a rectangular icon that has click here/place your pin. Click on it, go!


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