Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Eastenders continues

Remember this? Just received and sent the following:

Hi there,
I'm afraid
you've fallen victim to a bug in our system which occasionally loses template data. Your posts are still safe, but unfortunately we werenot able to recover your template for you. To use one of our defaulttemplates, you can click the Choose New Template tab on the Template page.This will let you publish your blog again while you recreate your oldtemplate. We apologize for the inconvenience and we are working on gettingthis problem fixed. However, it is always a good idea to save your owncopy of a template if you make extensive customizations.

Blogger Support


Dearest Blogger Support:

Do you read my emails? To save you the trouble of scrolling down, this is what I wrote to you.

>I've fixed it, > >meaning I had to redo the template. Thankfully I had saved it or it'd be a mess.

So you see, I HAVE fixed my problem. I did. Yesterday I was told by you people that MY UNDERSCORE was to blame, because it is ILLEGAL. How inane is that?

1 - I had mentioned one other blog w the same problem. NO UNDERSCORE IN THE URL (I did mention this in my email, as you can see if you scroll down)
2 - If underscores are illegal, why does Blogger allow them? It should be pretty easy to stop us from entering it when choosing an address.

When I asked what to do because my profile had been shoved to the bottom of the page a colleague of yours wrote (and I quote): "Hi there, On occasion, the side-bar will shift when the content contained within the side-menu or a post extends the column beyond its designated width. We recommend reviewing the content in both columns to identify items that maybe causing column expansion. In most cases, long links and wide images are the cause of the problem." Do you know what the fast and simple solution is? One of my readers told me. It's a PIXEL problem. The original Content Width is 660 pixels, it needs to be changed to 750 pixels. That easy. I'd still be REVIEWING and IDENTIFYING if it were up to you. I sent an email with this information to the helpful person at Blogger Support. I NEVER even got an aknowledgment. It is something, BTW, which you should definitely include in your Known Issues or Help because I have seen LOADS of blogs with this problem. You should also LET PEOPLE KNOW about the bug. Until 2 days ago there was no mention of it anywhere.

Could you stop giving inadequate advice? I realise you all can't know everything but it would help if, when you don't know, you talked to other colleagues and tried to find a real solution. Otherwise it's not much of a support is it. Not once have I actually received information I could use. There are at least many thousands of us. Is it too much to ask that we are properly guided?

Regards, L.

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At 3/11/04 06:55, Blogger brooksba said...


I think you are wonderful. I'm sorry the support staff are so inept. I wish I knew more about code and stuff to help.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the support staff. It's good to know where NOT to turn for help.


At 3/11/04 13:20, Blogger Mobile Homemaker said...

You are expecting much more from Blogger support than any institution can provide. I feel like I am reading Catch 22 while I read these posts, and in a way I am. Bureaucratic ineptitude and irony were the heart of that book. The unhelpfulness of IT support is at the heart of your complaints. The common thread is that big corporate entities fail to remain human.


At 3/11/04 14:06, Blogger The Lioness said...

Michael, I can't agree with you. If they'd told us "Look, we've only just started and the technical support is on a volunteer basis, we're doing the best we can but bear in mind we are still learning too", fine. But that's not the case. My problems were not complicated. It's not even that they did not know how to solve them, although for techies that is bad enough, it's that they didn't know, couldn't be bothered to look it up and just MADE SOMETHING UP! I live in a country where no one takes responsibility for their acts, leaders get away with anything and I am fed up with this attitude of "it's never anyone's fault, just the way it is". It DOESN'T need to be this way. I truly don't think I asked too much of blogger support.

At 6/11/04 00:22, Blogger M said...

you are a very angry woman. try to relax.

At 12/11/04 02:09, Blogger The Lioness said...

Oy, sheket.


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