Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I don’t even know how to tell you this, I’m afraid that if I type it out loud it will go away, enter Lioness' regression-to-animism mode, turn up the superstition volume, make yourselves comfortable *pats seat next to her*, come, come sit down and LISTEN, you’ll never believe this:

As of Monday I am on school holiday!!! Who the hell knew??? The whole school apparently but the thing to remember is, I found out in time to fully enjoy it! Anticipation is the key to all flavour explosion and man, am I getting some! YEY!!! Have I mentioned lately HOW MUCH I truly
<3 Christmas?

And here, come closer, this is REALLY huge, I don’t want to say it too loud: remember that very ugly Biochemistry exam? It’s at the end of March!!! And that bones exam? On the 24th of January! And do you know when my first exam is? On the 24th of January! *gasping, gasping* Do you REALISE what this means? DO YOU??? OMG it means I will, for the first time in THREE YEARS, be able to actually NOT STUDY during part of the holidays!!! Time off omigod! *panting, panting*

*full-blown hyperventilation*

Catch me cos I be fallin hard, yo! You know, what with the money
, the exam calendar and the unexpected holiday things have been going brilliantly for me! Well, we should discount the very disgraceful Dreidel game on Saturday at the synagogue because really, Rabbi, it wasn’t my fault I lost our money EVERY SINGLE TIME I spun it, and it wasn’t very nice to keep poking me in the ribs and saying “mah zeh zeh, ech ze ifshar, ma karah lach nu?” was it, I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT WAS, I DON’T KNOW HOW IT COULD BE AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME? Nu, you were the one who wanted to pair up with me, that will teach you.

And fabulastically, I spoke to Beth
yesterday, insomnia being a transatlantic phenomenon it would seem. Have I mentioned TODAY how enamoured I am of this whole blogosphere and MSN thing??? [A nice audio trend inaugured with Australianess of all places, imagine that, from Lisbon to Down Under loud and clear.] I spoke is actually very accurate because I couldn’t hear her at all even though she heard me. So I rambled and she typed. Slowly. [‘s ok dahling, it was lovely. REALLY.] Dog was v uncooperative in the barking department though I managed to persuade her to growl a bit; cat was purry all across the ocean, Beth DID hear her. Very very cute, very very HAPPY about the whole thing. And DID YOU KNOW she can talk like they do in Fargo??? Well she can! But she can also turn it off, which is a very good thing to be able to do, just in case. Sadly, Canada was experiencing a major technical meltdown. Those Canadians… *bemused head shake* Do you know, I thought I could look up to them, them being so tall and first-worldish and all, but the poor things live AT THE EDGE of computer crashing AT ALL TIMES? Unlike their neighboUrs. Makes for a very, very difficult living. My heart goes out to you, Canuckim, I feel your pain. Or as my Californian friend would say, I’m in a very empathetic place right now.

Anyway, I feel quite giddy, YEY!!! - and I bet you 2005 is going to be a bloody fabulous year because a) it’s an uneven year and those are particularly good regarding feline THRIVEYNESS [of course there is!] and b) how can it start ending like this and NOT be glorious? You’ll see.

And so, even though I haven’t slept AT ALL AGAIN [but I did remember to eat a bit of rice, see how everything is looking better already?], I AM SOARING!!! Winged Lioness, hmm hmm, you be HIGH!!!

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At 14/12/04 20:12, Blogger brooksba said...


Great news! I am so happy to hear you're going to have some time off from school. I am also looking forward to a holiday break. Just the other night (at karaoke, where else would I have been?), I was talking about that dreaded C-holiday and realized that it's a good thing this year. It works out that I get 3 long weekends in a ROW! Wow! I'm thrilled.

I had so much fun talking with you last night. I'm going to figure out this mike thing. Then I don't have to type so slowly.

I'm glad to see you got something to eat and got some sleep. Victory!

I'm going to reply to emails now.


At 14/12/04 23:46, Blogger Chuck said...

Wonderful news! I wish I could take you out for a drink and celebrate with you!

At 15/12/04 11:44, Blogger Ed said...

Glad to hear you're remembering to eat - well done.

Glad to see that you favoUr the correct form of spelling, too.

So now you're beautiful, sexy, enigmatic, rich and with time on your hands. Wow, what a combination.

By the way, what happened to the photo in your profile? Can we have the old one back? Don't listen to anyone telling you that it was too small, too dark, only one eye or whatever. It was a really great photo. The smallness, darkness, one eye bit just made it more enigmatic and mysterious.

At 15/12/04 17:48, Blogger The Lioness said...

I get bored w the pics and change them every once in a while - and what, you DON'T like my cat? She is absolutely gorgeous, I'll have you know. Ha.

At 15/12/04 18:32, Blogger Ed said...

Hey, I didn't say I didn't like your cat. I just prefer your photo to the cat's, that's all.


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