Friday, December 17, 2004

What you want from me?

You need an Israeli accent to make the title work to its full potential and properly honour the very exotic phrasing. Do an upward chin movement as well, aggressive-like. There you go, how does it feel? Macho, I'll bet. Yes, I KNOW!

Can you tell I'm having a blast with all the scanned pics??? I'm LOVING it, have been meaning to do it for OVER TWO YEARS and today Da Nympho my friend kicked me into shape, actually resorting to dragging me by my - now - fabulous hair to her place to have it done. [She also wanted me to make it absolutelly clear to you lot that all she wants is to have SOME fun - not, you know, catch an STD - but hell if I'll do it, SHE'S LYING.][Oh pfff, are too!]

Anyway, here are two pics I had forgotten I had (I've found loads I'd forgotten, there's one of me in a black cape with red blinking horns on my head, I actually remember walking the streets of Stuttgart - with my friend Tom protecting my back - glowing in the dark, on and off, a night to remember!] [I'm having the BEST time, why oh why didn't I do this scanning thing before!).

The first one is here. I like it A LOT because it feels like I'm falling off the face of the earth. It actually gives ME that feeling a bit, like riding a rollercoaster, belly ALL butterfly-y, mmmmm. A cat can dream of flying, can't she?

The second one is OBVIOUSLY Sex and The City hereby revisited in Frankfurt - which, as we all know, HAS TO BE the SEXIEST little city EVER. I spent too long outside and BAM!, was overcome by the desire to pay homage to the Gods of Fertility. Porties seem to be prone to it. But because I'm cool I smoke WHILEdoing it, not after.

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At 17/12/04 03:36, Blogger paulmonster said...

These pictures are quite lovely, Lioness. You should do a series; smoking in front of the Sex Cave, smoking in front of the Eiffel Tower, smoking in front of your ghetto fabulous accoutrements recently acquired through your euro-windfall.

At the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory in Vermont (aka The Sweetest Place on Earth), they have pictures from when they launched a nationwide campaign to find their CEO. (In case you don't know, Ben & Jerry's is a kickass ice cream concern, featuring such flavors as "Cherry Garcia" and "New York Triple Fudge Chocolate"--that last one is also known as "paulmonster kryptonite".)

So they have all these pictures that everyone and their mother sent in for this CEO contest. One pair of polaroids showed the winner; the first depicted a mild-mannered if somewhat geeky accountant type in a three-piece-suit in his backyard. In the next one you see him flying through the air in his superhero tights. Naysayers will point out that someone had obviously just turned the camera sideways while he held his arms up in the air, and someone else probably held out his cape beyond the frame, but since when are naysayers any fun? In my opinion, a superhero MUST be running The Sweetest Place on Earth.

At 17/12/04 06:21, Blogger brooksba said...


Lovely, lovely pics. I really enjoyed the picture where you look like you're falling off the edge of the world. It's fun to see how a simple trick can tell an entirely different story.

Thank you for sharing the pictures. They are awesome. It's fun to know what my friend across the world looks like. =)


At 17/12/04 21:48, Blogger The Lioness said...

P., yes, I've heard of Ben&Jerry, never tried it though, am also crazy abt chocolate flavour even though I don't much care for sweets (I'm a crisps girl)(but actually, ever once in a while I go for a haagen Daazs Strawberry cheesecake binge). And yes, superheros, v handy, very REAL as far as I'm concerned.

yes, loved seeing you all up close today! Now do that audio blogging already! (P. you too please? Just make sure to imitate some Philippino accent along the way, it's an ongoing education!)

At 21/12/04 19:16, Blogger CarpeDM said...

You are so pretty. Love the pictures. I'm glad to be able to see you as well.

Superheros are fun.


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