Tuesday, January 18, 2005

And this is why I HEART nerds!

Beth, that very human and not at all like this genius HAS MADE MY DAY!!! She is responsible for the most effective net-foraging I have seen - and as a result I now I now have...


Yes I do! Welcome to the House of Style, *curtsey*. How I've longed for one, remember this? that would have shut the whiny little thing right up. I actually thought Blogger didn't allow drop-down menus (will have to work harder on my Nerdiction, I know). But Beth, the Best found a way into the wormhole. Pity not all of the categories open but I'm working on that.

Oh I do, I do, I absolutely love nerds!

Nerds are sexy
Nerds are cool
Nerds have the dahlingest gene pool

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At 18/1/05 14:14, Blogger Ana said...

Cool! Once I actually create categories I will ask you how it's done.

At 18/1/05 16:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Nerds are the best.

Thank you for the wonderful comments on my blog btw. You're so inspiring - you have your own crap to deal with, yet you spread sunshine and happiness throughout the blog world with your upbeat enthusiasm.


At 18/1/05 16:35, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Argh! I am so jealous! I must know how to do this! I must!

At 18/1/05 16:48, Blogger The Lioness said...

Scully, I even feel ashamed bcs seriously, it's hardly inspirational at all. I've been having very good days (today is the 4th in a row) and that's why I've been feeling like commenting at all. On bad days I don't feel like posting and I don't comment at all. I don't know why things are different for me right now but I really feel removed from the whole thing, like it doesn't concern me at all, like I hardly even know him. So either my psyche is adjusting to all sorts of possibilities I can't bear to contemplate or I am going mad - as long as the pain stays away, I truly do not care, just want it to remain so forever. So there's nothing noble abt it, just my luck these days.

At 18/1/05 20:10, Blogger brooksba said...


I love your drop-down menu. It works perfectly. I'm so glad that I was able to share.

I'm still on a "rush" for figuring this out.

Hugs and Love,



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