Friday, January 14, 2005

Time Warp

This is a picture taken in front of the volunteers' quarters on the kibbutz. From left to right you can see Uzi, me, Justus and Jule, 2 German volunteers. Justus took these 2 pics, I stole them from his site. It's not a very sharp pic but if you're familiar with kibbutzim, you will recognise the clothing style. The clothes both of us are wearing are as kibbutznik as it comes. And that is a very typical Uzi-stance.

Tig, I, Justus, Jule

This is a picture of him when we I was living there. You'd never believe his maternal grandmother is Indian would you? He looks so absolutely slavic. And Uzi always looked so much younger than his actual age. Funny, if you scroll down to the one of him from the missing people board, you'll see he was now beginning to look like an adult. It's a new look to me, I never saw him looking grown up. Not IRL anyway. Now it seems like that particular ship sailed without me. I just want to fastforward the next year and some months. I truly don't know what to do, this grief-postponing thing isn't working so well. I'm finding it a bit hard to breathe right now.




At 14/1/05 10:15, Blogger Savtadotty said...

Now that you're home, I don't think grief-postponing is such a good idea. I know you have exams, but it might help to allow sadness to intrude on your studying some time, because it needs to. My wonderful nephew Jack drowned in a kayaking accident at age 31; tears come and go even now, ten years later. I hope Uzi and Jack are together somewhere...

At 14/1/05 21:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry for your loss. Three weeks before the tsunami, a dear friend of ours was killed in a plane crash (his own plane), so I do understand losing someone dear to you unexpectedly. Our friend was just practicing take offs and landings and no one knows what happened. The grief takes a long time. It's been over a month for us and I still expect to the phone ring and John to call and ask would we like to go to a movie over the weekend. There are times I wonder if I'll ever remember that it is real. I have such a hard time believing that he is gone.

I am so sorry this has happened. Please accept my deepest sympathies and know that I'm thinking of you and sending prayers your way.


At 14/1/05 21:36, Blogger Soper said...

I WAS following an old link, which is weird b/c I had found your updated site and was reading THAT.

I'm crazy that way.

Will keep you in my thoughts...

At 14/1/05 22:22, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Sorry for the pain. No words.
I kept looking but just thought you had left us, thank you for finding me.

At 15/1/05 01:40, Blogger Jay said...

So sorry. For this, and for being out of touch. The one I can fix, I will try, if you'll allow it. The one I cannot fix, words won't make a difference anyhow. Much love from far far away.


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