Sunday, January 16, 2005

I refuse to let it not be so

Martunes (?), a 7-year-old Indonesian boy, was found 19 days post-wave. He was wearing our national soccer team shirt.

Now, I really can’t be bothered to explain at length why it makes me absolutely mad that our national team will now, BECAUSE OF THE SHIRT, donate money so the family can buy some land and build a house. [Good thing you were wearing it when the wave struck, kid, eh? Otherwise our great nation, our fine tiny-footed heroes, would have not risen to help. Don’t be too shocked, they only make 6 figures a month. It IS a sacrifice.]

That is us in a nutshell, generous AND misguided. Eduardo Lourenço, a Portuguese writer and thinker, says we are small not bcs of lack of identity but bcs we have too much of it. We want to be big ALONE - er, we have not been big alone in centuries and even then, look what happened, we lost it through over-church/cathedral building and too much court partying. Some of the churches are not finished yet. Ha! Fuckortugal, GET OVER IT.

But that’s a small detour. I believe the universe talks to us. I believe we are givens signs. Omens. The boy WAS wearing a shirt w the Portuguese colours. He was alive 19 days after the W.

I don’t KNOW what that means but it must mean something right? IT MUST. So even though the bad dreams started last night - involving a gorilla I had to save from the dirt and rubble for DNA testing, how I sometimes wish I hadn’t read Anthropology - I choose to believe it’s a good thing. GOOD. GOOD SIGN.

Life, are you paying attention? A GOOD SIGN!

Because, see, one miracle DID happen. And all Uzi needed to survive was the smallest of opportunities, he’ll have absolutely done the right thing without thinking, he'll have made it work. Until someone tells us they found his body, I will be banging the hope drums for him and us.




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I'll keep your friends in my thoughts.


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