Monday, January 17, 2005


If you're a wimp, move on to the post about shoes. This is a Vet School post and believe me, it's not going to be a dainty little thingy. Though some will love me for it [oh look, a link!!!], I just know it.

So yes, I have been studying, since yesterday. Anatomical pathology. I still cannot go anywhere near bones [oh look, ANOTHER link!!!] so I am not studying Osteology yet. But studying it didn't get me anywhere before did it? Ha. So I'm not worrying abt that, there's hope [OH AND WE KNOW I CAN DO HOPE REALLY WELL!] and there's September and then there's Oct/Nov for exams so sod bones and the emaciated mare they rode in on, I'll get around to it. EVENTUALLY. AP is supposed to be my transitional stage (I did stay too close to the States for a while, fully aware of that, can't be helped now).

I have been learning about Euthanasia, and Cadaverisation - for the good people who are CSI fans, it's the process composed of Autolysis (an organism's total or partial decay due to its own enzymes) and Putrefaction (idem but due to bacteria). And even though You-Know-What weighs heavily on my mind, studying this is not bothering me one bit. Well, if I could handle looking at those pics I can handle this much more easily but still, and this is my absolute point, I find the subject ENJOYABLE! May I just say how very often I find studying for any given subject at school enjoyable? I may but IT WOULD BE A BLOODY LIE wouldn't it.

So yes, putrefaction is our word for today. GI tract pathologies coming soon to a theatre near you. Rock on, babe!




… would one encounter such sentences:

This post-mortem circulation is also responsible for the cadaveric venous circulation, which in some cases draws ELEGANT figures on the body surface.

Elegant indeed. And I absolutely do know what the author means. Welcome to our world, where we fight for the right to open up dead animals and become immersed in blood and lymph up to our elbows, sometimes lashes on very bad and not all that infrequent days, where sheepishly takes on a new meaning, where abscesses are often described as “very, very cool”, and pictures of all imaginable horrors are carefully filed away in folders lovingly created for those very treasures and shown to envious colleagues.

[I am beginning to feel a bit fey about my mood, through studying I not only ensure that I pass the actual exam but also [and most importantly right now] have been managing to keep very gruel bits of possible reality at bay. It cannot last for very long, I shouldn’t think, but the moment is being kind to me and really, right now, other than that Mighty Miracle I still desperately need, that's all I could wish for.]



At 17/1/05 21:41, Blogger brooksba said...


I liked this post. I am also glad that studying is something you're liking today. I've also had the opinion that studying is not all the fun and games, but interesting subjects can lead one to like all the reading. Keep it up. You're doing good.


At 18/1/05 02:10, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

>>>AP is supposed to be my transitional stage (I did stay too close to the States for a while, fully aware of that, can't be helped now).<<<

What's that supposed to mean?

What animal models do you use for AP? Or is this human pathology? I'd much rather be working in disease pathology/research than what I do now (drug abuse research). I find pathology an interesting subject...minus the putrefaction.

At 18/1/05 02:23, Blogger The Lioness said...

Anat. Path. is supposed to put me back into boning up mode and ease me painlessly - or as much as possible - into Osteology is what I mean. We have a hospital and therefore use their cadavers. We never work with models, for Myology and Angiology we use our own live sheep. Well, we killed them first, on the spot. Am done w those exams, thank God, it was truly terrible. For Anesthesiology and Pharmacology we puncture our live cows and dogs and donkeys and sheep and goats as well. NO MODELS. What, you thought this was Europe? Ha.

At 18/1/05 02:36, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

Ahh, perhaps the term "animal model" is not a universal term...when I say that I mean which species of animal do you use in your pathology class. I see from your post you use many different species. I used monkey models to study parkinson's disease in the past, and currently use rats to model drug abuse. There are those who believe that using animals for research is wrong...I am not one of those people.

At 18/1/05 02:45, Blogger The Lioness said...

Oh, I got confused bcs there are universities that only use models instead of live animals, I thought you meant that. One of my friends is doing her PhD on smooth muscle using mice as a model, can you picture anything duller than that??? As for animal research, well, let's not go there, I seem to have two minds about it. Actually not, I agree w Jane Goodall but am not in the mood for more misery and the whole subject does make me feel a bit miserable. Another time perhaps, over coffee? ;D

At 18/1/05 03:04, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

Some other time...sure...over coffee...of course.

I saw Jane Goodall in person before...very sweet lady. It is something else to hear her do chimps live on stage.

At 18/1/05 03:16, Blogger The Lioness said...


At 18/1/05 03:38, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

Well, I wasn't allowed to get too close to her...and she didn't exactly have a personal conversation with me. So, just viewing her live was as good as it got. [Still feeling self-important].

At 18/1/05 12:15, Blogger Ana said...

Weel, I am a wimp and I shouldn't have read this. Yuck


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