Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Portie Girl in Winter Wonderland

Hallo dahlings, i'm alive!!! I survived that ghastly flight and everything else and AM IN BLOODY CANADA and yes, they do say aboot time, and going sooth, and eh! The capilene underwear WORKS!!! I am v tired bcs I ended up not sleeping for 48 h but - am having a blast!!!

Alright, the cold. HORRENDOUS. I tend to step out into the strees, holler 'Oh hell!' and retreat. It takes a while till i finally manage to stay out. The cold is ok at first, and then it just bites you, without warning. I often feel like my jaw is disintegrating, v painful and disturbing. And what it does to one's jeans!!! THEY FREEZE!!! But the capilene works (thanks S.!), despite its naffness, and the snow - how can I say this? The snow is gorgeous!!! It piles up on trees in the prettiest manner, and on rooves, and I often cannot resist stepping into a snow mound just for the sake of it. It's just so pretty!!! Maybe I'll even build a snowman and have a snowball fight. Yes. Igloo building won't be any good bcs the snow type is wrong, who knew. I'm enjoying the snow bcs I can always go back in and, AS PREDICTED, I am v v warm inside, much more so than in my flat at home. SNOW IS FUN AND PRETTY!!! It also gives me away as a foreigner immediately, by forcing me to surf the icy surface w much arm-flailing and cursing instead of walking. it All this talk abt traction shoes and knee-bending ice strategies is no help whatsoever. I must look like a bleeding idiot, everone else going abt their business and me, either jumping into snow mounds or reaching helplessly for the next lamp post, legs further and further apart.

I had a taco, I did. V good - but the dough could use some more cooking. Coke tastes a bit diff - ours is better. Dr. Pepper sucks rock. Will of course go to Niagara Falls. HAVE BOUGHT EVERY SORT OF CRISPS THERE WERE in Wal Mart- and do you know, guacamole crisps are fabulous . Am SO looking forward to going to Guelph's vet school. Canucks, BTW (which I pronounce Canoocks bcs it fits Hebrew so perfectly and can be pluralised it into Canoockim), look v different from us. I noticed in the mall that more people than usual were looking at me. Not quite staring, just a look held longer than a casual one - you know, we look at people when we're walking past them and sometimes something in them draws our attention and we look closer? It fully surprised me bcs, but for the snow pants, I'd have thought I'd blend right in. NOT.

So yes, FUN! Very much so. Will go now and have some more.


At 28/12/04 06:44, Blogger Savtadotty said...

I'm so happy you made it to Canadia! And that the capilene works as promised. (It's one of those rare cases where something expensive is really really good!)
Canookim...that is funny! Please show us photos.

At 28/12/04 08:14, Blogger squarepeg said...

V EXCITING TO HEAR CANADA REPORT!!!! Am thrilled you're having such a good time. Wonderful Barrett! EXCELLENT! Snow is, indeed, v pretty till it starts to melt & turn to slush. Can't believe you don't "blend in" with Canada being such a gathering place of cultures -- it must be that wide-eyed look of childlike delight that attracts the looks! Enjoy, my dear!!

At 28/12/04 09:02, Blogger ontheface said...

Wow, such joy! I'm very, very happy to read that you're enjoying yourself so much. Can't wait to see photos and read more about your adventures. Neshikot!

At 28/12/04 12:46, Blogger Lala said...

Which cities are you visiting? Guelph is only five hours from Ottawa! Will you be closer to me than that? I can't miss on this!!

At 28/12/04 18:54, Blogger Nevermore said...

Have your hosts take you to downtown Toronto, and you will not feel like you stand out at all. Toronto is very diverse! And there's great food downtown (and clubs, live music, CN Tower, etc.). Don't freeze your paws and make sure to post some pics! :D

At 28/12/04 19:08, Blogger CarpeDM said...

I'm so happy you made it safely! Yay! And that the cold has not frozen you. And that you're getting a concert! And I am so thrilled that you're on the same side of the world as me that I want to rush right out and drive to Toronto.

I do come to my senses when I remember I have no more vacation time left for this year, I would lose my job if I have another unexcused absence and oh, yeah, I don't drive. Dammit.

Oh, I miss you! Isn't that weird?

At 28/12/04 20:19, Blogger Ana said...

So glad you made it there! Hope you have a great time!

At 28/12/04 20:35, Blogger brooksba said...


I'm sooooo happy that you made it safely! I'm thrilled to hear that you're having fun and enjoying yourself.

You are right about the snow. It is quite beautiful (at least until it fills up with dirt and ick from people's cars). I don't enjoy the cold so much, but I do love it when everything is decorated with snow.

I'm happy to hear that Barrett is treating you right. I can imagine how wonderful the music is to hear live. Wow.

I was thrilled to hop on today and see your post. Yea!!!

Miss you lots!


At 29/12/04 10:52, Blogger Zilchman said...

Phewwww -- thank God, Johnny!



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