Sunday, December 26, 2004


Yes, I am. I really, really am!

I will leave the house in one hour and land in Toronto in - iaiks - 18 hours. I dearly hope I'll have nothing to blog about while travelling, that'd mean I will have slept most of the way. Let it be so, please please please. Above all, let my eardrums behave.

I will keep you posted on my Canuckia adventures, promise. And for dinner tomorrow? TACO BELL! I've always wanted to try that.

[They'd better not infect me w their accent though. It's bad enough I sound Icelandic. Or something.]

Dahlings, have a good one!


At 26/12/04 19:04, Blogger squarepeg said...

Give TO an icy kiss for me. Enjoy your adventure!!

At 26/12/04 19:59, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Oh, I'm so happy! Because even though you're not going to be here, you're at least on the same side of the world as us now!

Taco Bell semi-rocks (Taco John's is better). Have a steak soft taco. They're pretty good.

At 27/12/04 04:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm just new ... but as I've just returned into the house from outside and the cold & snow, I'm wondering why anyone would come to Toronto in December. It's been bothering me since I read about your trip last night.


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