Monday, March 14, 2005

I bring you Beauty now

As promised:

Once upon a time there was a small creature that lived in a place where the sunlight came green through the leaves. It ate blueberries, and drank pilsner which a kind Taoist brewer left in a pitcher on a stump. It built elaborate hexagonal palaces out of fir cones and woven grass, and the beetles would all come by and exclaim "very pretty!"

Which made it wriggle with pleasure. Sometimes in the long summer evenings a Portuguese girl would come to read in the dappled meadow, and she would let it climb on her arm and nap in the crook of her elbow, as warm as toast and as happy as butter.

In August it would lie half-submerged in the spring, lulled by the soft lap of the cool water, and its heart would slow so near to stopping that it could watch the sun glide noiselessly across the sky, light and shadow changing places.

And then with a spring and a shake, jewels flying off in all directions, it would scamper into night, where the stars burned with a cold exhiliration. That's where the night people would gather, talking low but intense, sometimes arguing passionately, making fine distinctions, and opening world beyond world. The little creature understood not a word, but it would creep in close, and the tallest girl, who was a watchful thing, would always pick it up, and laugh fondly when it scurried all the way up her sleeve to her shoulder, and nestle under her ear. All the eyes of the night people would glitter, when the moon rose.

And then when the east went pale, and the night people slipped away in their twos and threes, The birds would begin to sing. The little creature understood this, at least. All the joy and desire rose up in a swirling net, and the little creature's heart did not quite break, but it almost did.

And then it would forget, and run, run, run to the fresh pitcher left on the dew-damp stump.

Care to guess who wrote this? Who else could but Dale? I keep going back to his blog to read it all [this is only part of it], over and over again. It works its magic every time, I'm simply grateful I can read this and don't understand how he has not been published yet.

I read the first paragraph and was enamoured, so so lovely. SO LOVELY! Imagine what I felt when I reached, well, me*. Oh to be there! Both in the present and wishful form. Too pretty. It is easily one of the most beautiful things that ever happened to me. So Dale dahling, THANK YOU. from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Your blog has always been a haven, a place where one re-learns how to breathe but this... This was sanctuary. Yours is a marvellous gift. So I'll answer you again, if you don't mind. I know I'll be repeating myself but THEY haven't heard it yet and I want to do it from here as well.

It is a pleasure to have you curl in the crook of my elbow, for I've been in the crook of the Mole's elbow more times than I can tell of, and butter and toast yes, butter and toast.


*Here's hoping it's not some other Portuguese girl!



At 15/3/05 01:09, Blogger Dale said...

You are too sweet.

Like a number of my other posts, that one wouldn't have been written if not for you.

(How many Portuguese girls do you think I know, anyway? :->)

At 15/3/05 01:44, Blogger Ed said...

It is indeed very beautiful.
But then it should be if it was inspired by you.
(Ha! am I a creep or what??)

No, seriously, it is extraordinary.
Thanks for pointing the way.

At 15/3/05 07:24, Blogger Kristin said...

Wow...that is truly amazing.


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