Monday, June 13, 2005

St Anthony, marriageable damsels and the shiny buttock.

Yesterday was St Anthony's day, Lisbon's patron saint. Traditionally, there's a lot of what we call Popular Marches, a pageant of sorts, and grilled sardines and peppers, and much alcohol, and everyone dumps their cars as close as they can to the old quarter of the city, Alfama, and walks up towards the castle. MAD. Why was this night different from every other night?

[Excuse me while I crack myself up over this sentence, smugly smuggled - hullo! - into a post abt St. Anthony]

Well, I WAS THERE. Yes. In keeping w my recently inaugurated campaign, Thou Too Shall Live a Little, Who Cares If Thou Flunkest Thy Year, I got out of the house. I did! And had fun. And paid an obscene amount of money for half a chicken, oh the change into Euros, don't let's start talking abt it. And was knackered pretty fast even though we didn't walk all the way up top the castle but bloody hell, was it exhausting! I only got to sleep at around 4 am and have been in a daze all day. But I won't tell you more abt last night right away bcs I'm going to the beach house till Wednesday so no time and no internet! No worries, Vomit, Colic and Constipation shall follow, I wouldn't dream of leaving them behind. Literally. I will update this post as soon as I can w the pics we took (vile sardines on bread, the Portie way, among others) and links so you understand what it is all abt. I will also tell you abt some how females sometimes have to resort to peeing ON THE STREET, much to their chagrin, and how their buttocks gleamed in the streetlights.

In the mean time, think of me enjoying my faithful trio while sunning myself on a beach. And revising my Faithful Trio while swimming in the ocean. And vaguely remembering my Faithful Trio while eating an icecream sandwich (Beth and DM, cheers! I'll think of you.) Oh the bliss... (Am almost afraid to write this bcs we know what happened last time I took a holiday right? But I'll be studying so it's not really a holiday so I shouldn't really worry but can't really blame me for having become a bit superstitious abt it right?)(Yesterday was Uzi's mum's birthday. I rang her and we had a really good talk. I miss them and Israel so much. I miss... You all know what I miss. I picked up the phone to dial the number and for the life of me couldn't remember the Israeli international code. And when I finally did, I couldn't remember her house number. Funny that.)

[Tertia, if you read this - and of course you will bcs you are so addicted to my blog - be a dahling and txt message me the news on Danae as soon as you find out on Wedn, I won't come in till really late and need, have to, MUST know. Tnx. Danae, St. Anthony is the patron saint of marriages also and I'll turn ecumenic for a bit in order to pull him into the loop bcs you do have a marriage and we know what should be added to it - so, Sto.António, have a care and do your Catholic magic. And sweetie, I WILL be keeping even the bloody sand crossed for you, here's to happy news. *raises the memory of yesterday's sangria*]


At 13/6/05 20:35, Blogger jac said...

Cozy and cutie tit bits about St. Antony's day.
Hope that you swam over your home sickness. Shaloam!
WOW! Waitng for that bit about the 'peeing on the streets and their glistening butts'. Dont keep us waiting. Grrrr.....Grrrr...

At 13/6/05 20:42, Blogger Rozanne said...

St. Anthony the patron saint of marriages and Portugal? My mom always said he was the patron saint of finding lost things. Hmmm. Whenever a sock or library book went missing she just said, "Pray to St. Anthony!"

Go figure. Just another bit of mumbo-jumbo, probably.

Hope you're having a lovely time on the beach!

At 13/6/05 21:32, Blogger brooksba said...

Sounds lovely. You brought me back to our visit and I can truly understand how knackered you must have been, trying to climb that hill to the castle!

I am so jealous that you are going to the ocean for a few days. It is amazing and I'm glad that you're getting a chance to relax (even if you're going to study a bit). Have fun with the girls at the beach! I'll miss you (as I do all the time.)


At 13/6/05 22:13, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

I'm so embarrassed. Tony (we're on a first-name basis) is my favorite saint and I didn't even wish him a happy feast day.

He is known here as the patron saint of lost or misplaced objects. There's a poem in English:

St. Anthony, St. Anthony
Please come around
Something is lost
That can't be found.

(I pray for him to have me find that I'm pregnant!)

Wish I was there with you! Sounds fun!

At 14/6/05 04:25, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

Sounds like a blast. Who doesn't love a party? Sometimes you just have to get out there and leave your mark on the only live once. Unless you're a Hindu.

I got all warm and fuzzy when you said, how their buttocks gleamed in the streetlights. Wish I was there...haha

At 14/6/05 10:50, Blogger CarpeDM said...

I'm glad you got out of the house - that's so cool. As for the sardines, well, after the fish eggs, I already knew you were kind of crazy so I'll just ignore that except for a general and resounding blech!

Have a great time at the beach and I am looking forward to seeing the pictures. And thinking fondly about the green soup and that bread, oh my God, the bread. And the Sex God - can't forget him, he was HI-larious!


At 14/6/05 14:06, Blogger Diana said...

So, those buttocks. Were they all agleaming with the urine? Perhaps they should sell portable commodes along with the sardines? Or at least catheters. Have a lovely sun fest and do learn lots about GI maladies.

At 14/6/05 15:47, Blogger Bubbi said...

Please have some fun! :)
(An order from a not young but not so old yet gramma)

At 14/6/05 16:47, Blogger cat said...

Oooh a holiday, yah good for you. Hope you're having fun.

Perhaps St. Anthony can find a bit of sanity for this old gal?

At 14/6/05 22:38, Blogger Dale said...


At 15/6/05 20:06, Blogger annebrev said...

Yay! You're having fun - which you SO deserve.

Just - yay!

At 16/6/05 14:49, Blogger ~ Mistress Eve said...

Oh I am soooo jealous. I love castles. Eventually I will be able to travel to europe and wear myself out!


At 16/6/05 18:20, Blogger Scully said...

Your vacation sounds wonderful. And I like the new attitude.

I read your comment on my blog about Paris and a few other people have commented that I'm doing too much and too many museums, so I'm currently rethinking my plans and perhaps doing a couple day trips outside of Paris.


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