Saturday, July 09, 2005

The sound of chalk

People are still missing, 20 plus bodies trapped in a carriage, at least 50 dead, mostly unidentified. Families and friends of the missing are gathered in different sites, waiting, hoping. Photographs of the missing have been put up. My heart breaks for them and I am thrown back. Or not really. Sometimes I feel I've never left. Whichever way I phrase it, I know what they are thinking, what they are praying for.

They are saying He is unconscious in some hospital and has no documents and that's why we haven't heard anything yet, it's still early days. And when that no longer helps smother the fear they'll fervorously think He is unconscious in some hospital and has no documents and has sustained several facial injuries and that's why we haven't heard anything yet, it's still early enough. And that will turn into He is unconscious in some hospital and has no documents and is burnt beyond recognition and that's why we haven't heard anything yet, despite all these days that have gone by. The families and friends will pray that they be returned to them, regardless of disfiguration degree, bcs that's still better than the alternative. Let him come back maimed but let him come back. We don't care, just.... Please.

Some will receive a phone call. Life will more or less return to normal. The one they prayed for is somehow, somewhere, alive. Miraculously. And yet their hearts will forever be heavy and their guilt will be immense bcs:

Some will receive a phone call. They've found him. And they will hear the sound of chalk on the cosmic blackboard, and that one screech will forever be embedded in their consciousness and resonate at all times, even when they sleep, sometimes especially then. And they will want to screech as well but even if they do there is no comfort bcs nothing will ever drown out [ha!] the sounds they will never hear again.

I am so sorry, so terribly sorry for your pain.


This feels appropriate:

"A place of refuge for human vessels"*

The Drifter came and said:

Out there is where it all starts.
Hell is out there,
deep, deep inside, beneath your soul.
Internal thoughts may never be,
they take the place I had for thee,
and in a world of loss and hate
you have to crawl and never take.
There is no future and no past,
there is a limbo that will last
for ever and a thousand years,
a cry of warriors, of my fears,
a battle which will never see
the night that grows inside of me.

But I'm alone and this I know:
I am the Drifter who will grow
a crop of souls in every man,
a place to hide and dare to ban,
for here I stand, inside of me,
sailing the thoughts of fears to be.
I am the one who dared to sail the human vessels - and never fail.

Dec 92 (©2003)

* Title is a quote from Tennessee Williams' "Small Craft Warnings"

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At 9/7/05 21:53, Blogger Scully said...

I can't imagine how hard this has been for you as well, reliving the nightmare of last December and January.

I keep reading the first hand accounts of the rescue workers and I just don't know how people can go on after this.

At 9/7/05 22:01, Blogger The Lioness said...

See, i very wisely have NOT watched any news since it happened but for brief snippets, and even that was too much. I firmly intend to remain ignorant of further details and have buried my head as deeply as possible. It's working - moderately at that but better than nothing.

At 10/7/05 03:46, Blogger Candace said...

Oh, sweetie, my heart is breaking for you all over again.

Hang in there.

At 10/7/05 04:12, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

How terrible is must feel to have to wait to confirm what you already suspect. I don't know how you managed it L (how you still manage it).

It is just senseless.

At 10/7/05 08:46, Blogger CarpeDM said...

I can't watch the news. The only way I'm finding out any information is through blogs.

I have been thinking about you and what this is like for you, knowing that you would be emphathizing with the friends and families of those missing/murdered. You're always in my thoughts and prayers.

Love you, miss you. Wish you were here or I was there.

At 10/7/05 13:51, Blogger Serialangel said...

I'm sorry you're going through it all over again, this is so unfair, and I'm sorry I can't help, but just hang in there on all the support we are all giving you.

I've already commented on DM's blog, but if anyone here wants to donate to the victims and the families of the victims etc, Red Cross have set up a fund on their website
£50,000 has been raised already.

Love you! Betty x

At 10/7/05 13:54, Blogger Diana said...

Once, again, my friend, you find the right words.

At 10/7/05 18:46, Blogger HomeFireBlue said...

Beautiful, sad post. Thank you for writing it.


At 10/7/05 20:07, Blogger brooksba said...

Your post was beautifully written and I feel for you. I think of you in these times just as much as I am thinking of the families and friends there.

Sorry for the delay in commenting, I bought the new version of Norton and it has some issue with pop-ups, so I couldn't figure out how to comment for awhile.


At 11/7/05 01:44, Blogger Kristin said...

I am just horrified that yet another city and country is going through their version of 9/11. My heart is breaking for all the people there.


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