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This is NOT what Islam is all about

I was reading Nuno Guerreiro's Rua da Judiaria, which everyone should read. I stumbled upon him right at the beginning of my blogging days, even bfr I became aware of how much of a celebrity he is. We have more in common than he knows, but then again I don't talk abt it so how could he KNOW? [Olá Nuno! Bnei Anussim kick ass!] [I actually wrote all of this this bfr you sent me your really cool email - and you know by now I am more likely to kick ass than kiss it, right?] [Still, this makes ME cool. Come on, people, we are using "tu" with each other now! I have arrived. ;)] Sadly for most, he writes in Portuguese and the only available translation is an automatic one, and they are always awful. He's just posted a really disturbing interview excerpt from April last year with Omar Bakri Mohammed, a sheik who is the self-proclaimed leader of Londonistan. [I would give kudos to the journalist (I've just seen him on the telly talking abt it) but am still hiding from my Porties so follow the link and go find out who I am talking abt and where it was published]. This is the interview. Nuno said I could publish it, and so I am.

MAGAZINE: Do you think there will be a bombing in London?
Omar Bakri Mohammed: That is unavoidable because several are being prepared by several groups.(…)M.: Are there many of those free-lance groups in Europe?
OBM: More and more. Which is dangerous because not all of them have adequate theoretical training. Here in London there’s a very well organised one called Al-Qaeda-Europe. They divulge loads of propaganda through the internet and emails and are very appealing to young Muslims. I know they are about to launch a major operation.(…)
M.: How will we know if a bombing was really Al-Qaeda’s?
OBM.: Easy. Firstly, they’re always in a large scale. The divine text is clear as to the need to cause “as much damage as possible.” The operative must therefore ensure that he kills as many people as he can. If he doesn’t the fire of Hell will await him. Secondly, Al-Qaeda always leaves a fingerprint: a clue, such as a car with a Koran or a tape, so they can be found by the police. Thirdly, the attacks are conducted at two or three places simultaneously. Finally, the language. In their press releases all you need is one sentence to recognise their theoretical rigour: no sign of nationalism, they don’t claim to be Arabs or Palestinians, merely Muslim. They always talk of martyrdom, death.(…)
M.: But what can justify the deliberate killing of thousands of innocent civilians?
OBM: We don’t make a distinction between civilian and not civilian, innocent and not innocent, Muslims and disbelievers. And the life of a disbeliever has no value. It has no sanctity.
M.: But there were Muslims among the victims.
OBM: That was foreseen, According to Islam all Muslims who die in an attack will immediately be accepted into paradise as martyrs. As for the others, that is their problem. God has sent them messages, the Muslims have sent them messages, they didn’t believe them. God said: “While the disbelievers are alive, guide them, persuade them do your best. But when they die do not feel sorry for them even if it is your father or your mother because the fire of Hell is the only place that befits them.”(…)
M: The Koran says that
OBM: Yes. People don’t understand because the TV and the newspapers only interview the secular ones. They don’t talk to those who know. The secular ones say “Islam is the religion of love.” But Islam is also the religion of war. Of peace but also of terrorism. Mohammed said: “I am the prophet of mercy". But he also said: “I am the prophet of massacre.” The word “terrorism” is not a new one among Muslims. Mohammed said even more: ”I am the prophet who laughs as he kills his enemy.” It’s therefore not just a matter of killing. It’s laughing as you kill.
M.: Does that mean that terrorism is natural and legitimate?
OBM.: Only divine terrorism is legitimate.(…)
M.: What does Al-Qaeda want?
OBM: Terror. They are committed to a defensive jihad against those who attacked Islam. And in the long run they want to re-establish an Islamic state, a caliphate. And convert the whole world. (…)

M.: Can the USA negociate with Al-Qaeda?
OBM: Al-Qaeda is by nature an invisible entity, not a State, so it cannot dialogue witha State. Its aim is to overthrow the corrupt governments of Muslim countries, replace them with Islamic governments and reinstate the caliphate. Then, as a State, it may negociate with the USA as equals. First they will try a security pact with them. They will say: we supply the oil and will live in peace but on the condition that we will be allowed to freely divulge Islam in the West. If the Americans don’t allow this then the caliphate will have to declare war.(…)

God help us all.

But do you want to know something? That is NOT what Islam is all about, I don't care what the mad men say. And you will never ever win, you spineless, demented cowards. NEVER. Not even over our dead bodies. Fuckers.


At 7/7/05 23:35, Blogger Candace said...

I'd like to see the looks on the faces of the suicide bombers when they reach hell.

Boy, are they going to be surprised.

At 8/7/05 00:06, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

It is simply a matter of time before a subway in the US is targeted by MUSLIM terrorists. You know they're already planning a largescale attack now. So, if I keep a suspicious eye on ALL MUSLIMS I think I am perfectly justified. If it were the Irish or Jews or Canadians I would be suspicious of them...but it is is only the Muslims.

>>>We don’t make a distinction between civilian and not civilian, innocent and not innocent, Muslims and disbelievers. And the life of a disbeliever has no value. It has no sanctity.<<<

And, I don't make the distinction between a good and a bad Muslim. How do you tell which ones are planning suicide attacks? How do you know which ones want you dead? You can't tell by looking at them. Yeah, that may go for everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion; but the modus operandi of Muslim activists is death to infidels.

After such attacks there are always representatives of the Muslim community speaking out about how "this is not the way of true Muslims." Do a few bad apples spoil the bunch? Yep.

At 8/7/05 00:13, Blogger The Lioness said...

Actually, the representatives ALWAYS say: ""this is not the way of true Muslims BUT." There must always be a but.

At 8/7/05 03:41, Blogger brooksba said...

Finally, my computer will allow me to comment.

You know what I don't get. It's why people think that religion is a means to treat human lifes as a means to an end. Anyone who truly believes that killing others in the name of some man-made up god if full of shit. If the teachings of a religion is to hurt others in the name of god, I don't believe it.

My own beliefs about the human race are those to doubt religion at all. I don't know about good Muslims or bad Muslims, just as I don't know about good Christians or bad Christians. I know that people have been hurt for no good reason and it makes me angry, sad, and scared.

Fucking terrorists say they are acting in the name of a god, but I don't believe it. They are killing because some HUMAN had an idea that they should. Unless God has spoken to them directly, they have no right to take another human's life. And if God did speak to them directly, I would wonder why no questioning was made back. Fuckers.

At 8/7/05 04:13, Blogger DeadBug said...

Couldn't agree more with Brooksba. Lioness, thanks for this thought-provoking and disturbing post.


At 8/7/05 07:00, Anonymous Nikki said...

"And you will never ever win, you spineless, demented cowards. NEVER. Not even over our dead bodies. Fuckers."


At 8/7/05 08:42, Blogger D said...

Sorry J, but you are very wrong here. This is EXACTLY what Islam is about. What Omar Bakri Mohammed said is literally taken from the Koran.
I've read Robert Spencer's "Onward Muslim soldiers", twice, and there's no denying it: Islam is a warrior religion, and it leaves its followers very little choice in the matter.
The only Muslim that can peacefully coexist with us is one who will disregard large sections (and many of the most important ones) of the Koran and the Hadith. In other words, a 'bad' Muslim.

This is Islam. Look at the world at large. Thailand/Malaysia. India/Pakistan. Chechnya/Beslan. Iraq/Iran. Israel. Indonesia/Aceh/East-Timor. Bosnia. Algeria. Sudan. Somalia. Afghanistan.

Hatred of women. Of gays. Of Kafirs.
If there is shit going on in the world somewhere, chances are you'll find Muslims there. And they are only the victims if other Muslims are the perpetrators. If you weren't listening before, on 11/9/2002, or 11/3/2004, perhaps now is the time. Read Bat Ye'or. This is not an isolated incident, aimed the British for meddling in Iraq: The war that is being waged against Israel is reaching Europe. At one point, not too far away, Europeans will have to decide wether they'll convert, submit or die.
Or they can fight.

At 8/7/05 11:13, Blogger The Lioness said...

Do you know, yesterday I decided I need to buy a Koran bcs otherwise I won't really know. And anyway I fear you may be right. So I need to read it and see for myself. But we will fight, eventually. We will fight.

At 8/7/05 11:42, Blogger Savtadotty said...

Those who take all religious texts literally are letting written words substitute for brains, heart, and conscience. Piousness requires both learning and wise interpretation. Arguing with religious people is fruitful only if everyone removes their weapons: let the reading and the arguments begin! And never end!

At 8/7/05 11:48, Blogger The Lioness said...

granted, but at least I will know what is and isn't said.

At 8/7/05 12:04, Blogger Noorster said...

I respectfully disagree with certain things you've said these past two days, and lovingly agree with others. Oh well.

At 8/7/05 12:23, Blogger Serialangel said...

I'm not surprised if Islam is a warrior religion. If I'm right, there would have many wars at that time for their freedom and land etc, and religion would have been the best way to mobilize them over the ONE person they cannot answer back to. The same goes in Christianity - the Old Testament is full of hate to women, gays, straight people...this was written by HUMAN MEN to show them how to live in the turbulent environment all Christians were in at the time, who were being stoned for not being what other people wanted them to be.

Why can't these people see the flaws and employ some common sense, some versatility, some creativity? And this is on both sides. Extremist fundamentalists Muslims from whatever country are attacking the West cos they don't like what they see. Is it too much of a stretch to think that the Middle East is being attacked in the name of a Christian God, because they don't like what they see?

At 8/7/05 13:03, Blogger D said...

Those who take all religious texts literally are letting written words substitute for brains, heart, and conscience.
This of course is the heart of the matter. After all is said and done, the Koran is a book. No matter what anyone says, just a book. It is human beings choosing to act upon its teachings in such horrific ways.
It is true that the Bible too (specifically the OT) is full of directives no sane person would live by anymore. Which proves my point: There ARE virtually no people who still live their lives based upon a literal interpretation of the OT. There are hundreds of millions of Muslims who base their lives upon a literal interpretation of the Koran however.

Is it too much of a stretch to think that the Middle East is being attacked in the name of a Christian God, because they don't like what they see?
It IS a stretch. The US and EU spend many billions annually on developing N-Africa and the ME. Cultural, scientific, medical and political and ties exists on all levels. The Arab countries spend billions more on arms than does Israel. Muslim countries are overrepresented in the UN GA, particularly when also counting the non-aligned countries, who block-vote as a matter of routine.
The UN is packed with committees and organizations who have Palestinian interests as their sole purpose and cause.

For a Muslim in the Middle-East to regard himself as a victim takes a very special type of mentality indeed. Sadly, about 250 million of them have that mentality.

At 8/7/05 14:26, Blogger Savtadotty said...

Lioness, you've done it. You and your commenter have got me inspired/exercised enough to write my own post. Damn!

At 8/7/05 16:13, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

No legitimate religion endoses killing. The creator who made all life does not freely give that power to the created to destroy.

People say really stupid things in the name of religion, because the creator isn't there in person to say yes or no.

At 9/7/05 15:28, Blogger Bubbi said...

You have it right--dead on.

"Is it too much of a stretch to think that the Middle East is being attacked in the name of a Christian God, because they don't like what they see?"

Yes--because western goverments are secular. They are not doing anything in the name of a Christian God.
If they where--they would not be asking Israel to give away one inch of land.

It took less than 24hrs for the London bombings to be blamed on the US and the Jews--go figure!

The US is next--plans where captured along with some minor big wig of Al Q. Spain, London and then the US. It is only a matter of time.

To many people think terrorism began on 9/11 and now think that we are creating more terrorists by our policys.

This is am age old conflict set on exterminating the Jews and converting the rest. Refuse conversion--you will either die or if lucky become a slave.

I know this all seems like a tale from a book of fiction but it is all to real. The west prides itself on their civility and can not grasp the fact that reason doesnt work.

It matters not what anyones personal view of religion is--that does change the facts on the ground.

Ok--I will shut up now.

At 10/7/05 18:34, Blogger Ali said...

The words from the Koran are true but most of those from the Hadeeth are made up.
Each sect in Islam has its own set of Hadeeth that support its ideology, but all sects agree that most Hadeeths are made up. Each one of course claim that its set are geniune.
I applaude your efforts to seek answers on your own and not relying on what others tell you. Your instict is true, I may add in my opinion.

At 12/7/05 02:00, Blogger Emanuel Ben-Zion said...

I thought a lot on what to write between radicalism and tolerance. Well muslims did it, so what to think? I'm becoming more lean to a total blockade of muslims countries, especially Saudi Arabia. On the other way, We europeans have a not-quite-long permissiveness of peace, so muslims are a group to respect and understand.
I don't like their ways (sorry Ali, but that's freedom of speech) and sure I don't want to live next to one. I respect their existence, but keep away mind your own business. I'm not American and the people who died could probably been anti-war. We live in a new world, a world of freedom, but at what cost? We are calm people, but we are human after all and the blood boils easily. I don't want to be here when our children decide that "that's it!", and start to kill every muslim they encounter. Look at India: For one hindu killed, 10 muslims die.

I want peace, but I'm sarting to become more and more racist towards the arabs, and by God if I can so can every westerner.

At 12/7/05 15:49, Blogger Lala said...

Can you send me the text of the interview in English please. I'd like to read it and perhaps post it myself. Thanks


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