Friday, June 17, 2005

Bursting with Sabra pride!

The world will never be the same again.

I need to take a break from studying at times don't I. [Urinary system now, I know you care] And that means I use that time to check blogs doesn't it. And recently I've been trying to make someone understand just how glorious Khan (Here), by Duo Datz, is - it's an Israeli song from the 1991 Eurovision Festival. WhenI first moved to Israel I used to emotionally blackmail Lila and Idan whenever I got the chance into doing the song for me, coreography and all. They, bless them, DID it often. I even have (un-scanned) pics of them doing it on the terrace. I watched said festival w my Tweedle and we both fell in love w the song, which didn't win. Some Scandinavian rubbish did and we were livid. HOW COULD THEY!

I have been dreaming of Khan for years now and recently downloaded the audio file - oh the bliss! Oh the joy! Granted, the lyrics were a tad surprising to me, it's basically "Here I was born, here my children were too, here I built my house w my own hands, this is my home and fuck off already. " *Clears throat*

[I'd like to publicly thank Lila and Idan, Israeli lefties that they are, for singing the song over and over again just bcs I liked it. I remember Lila saying "But it's such a NASTY song, oy!" - I didn't speak any Hebrew then, remember? (As opposed to now - oh let's all laugh) I'd only just arrived in Israel! I didn't know what I was asking of them. So yes, terribly appreciated.]

Anyway, I was over at
her site and wham bam Khan! (Khan is actually pronounced Like Kant, minus the T) Sarah links to a site where you can SEE all the Israeli songs, all of them! Even if you don't speak any Hebrew don't miss this, it's fantastically brilliant! There's Khan in 1991, Alleluya in 1979, Hora in 1982, Abanibi in 1978 - and this leads me to the reason I wanted to write this post. Even before my Jewish heritage meant anything to me I was addicted to Israeli songs. I even belonged to a children's group that rehearsed and put up a talent show, in which we sang - brace yourselves - Hava Naguila! YES! In a building that belonged to the church bcs it was the only one w a stage! In Catholic Portugal! And the priest was there and even helped us rehearse it and then sang along w us, tapping his foot! I've known the words to it forever bcs I was really small and I've loved it since. Same w Aleluya and Abanibi, I'd buy the records post festival and play them nonstop, in all its needle-scratchiness. And my Dad would sing along as well, as he should bcs he got the singing voice in the family.

I started watching the Abanibi clip just now and decided to google the lyrics bcs what the hell does abanibi mean?? Is it Aramaic? Didn't sound like it either but... Then I found
this site and the world changed forever! It's the P Language - or what we call the P language at any rate. He's saying Ani ohev otach, I love you [male to female]! BB replace the first consonant of/are added to every vowel of every syllable! I GET IT!

Now go see the nice songs, aren’t they ab fab?? Do you see the clothes? The afros and big hair? The braces, the peasant skirts, the coreographies? Aren’t they all so bloody handsome? My Israelis are such smooth movers even w all that weight on their heads!

Kol HaKavod!


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At 17/6/05 18:51, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

How about some audio posts of you singing along? Ana at Red Boat put her and her sister singing Christmas songs - your turn (and no, I will not sing, but you should). (Ok, I'll sing along in Hebrew if you teach me the words. I know Hava Naguila too, learned in Catholic New Jersey public schools.)

At 17/6/05 21:03, Blogger Noorster said...

Oh my! I was born in 1980 and still know the moves for Abanibi.
Thanks so much, that clip was the second best thing that happened to me this past week. The Jewfro! The tucked-in shirts! I laughed so much it hurt.

At 18/6/05 00:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ups! O que é a "P language"??

At 18/6/05 00:55, Blogger The Lioness said...

Apa linpimgupuapagempem dospos Pêspês, tonpomtopo!

At 18/6/05 05:21, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

Sometimes I don't really "know" what you're talking about...but I still love to read what you're writing. You're so enthusiastic ;)

At 18/6/05 05:27, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

OK. I just watched the video and I don't know what I just saw...was that Flash Gordon the Musical?

At 18/6/05 10:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmpf! Já percebi. E isso de acrescentar sempre uma interjeição ou um insulto é mesmo stress dos exames ou tem uma explicação freudiana?...

At 18/6/05 19:26, Blogger Savtadotty said...

I forgot to add to my "Why I Moved to Israel" post the influence of Alleluja. It won the Eurovision just before elswhere's bat mitzvah, and I played it all through the stresses of planning that event, what with my ex's family involvement. The song cheered me up immensely and wouldn't leave my head. I love the really corny Israeli songs they replay on TV on holidays, when the singers sang in black and white!

At 19/6/05 10:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bursting with baby bird pride!! Adoro acordar ctg, mesmo qd nem sequer reparas que estou a sussurrar-te no ouvido, dizendo que tenho de ir trabalhar mas que volto.


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