Friday, August 19, 2005

Hitnakut - Disengagement

Some of you have asked me how I feel abt the Disengagement from Gaza. For some reason, I cannot even begin to process it mostly bcs what I am absolutely convinced of, regardless of whether I believe it is the right thing to do, that the outcome vis a vis the Arabs wil be disastrous. This will be seen as an act of weakness and their victory. This will fuel them. Why stop at Gaza when we can have Jerusalem? When we can have it all? Four wars have proven this is how they think. The withdrawal from Lebanon as well. Fasten your wings, for many will die.

I have no words, as I so often say here, but some do. Please read:

David for the big picture, and then here and here.

House of Joy

Imshin (click on title for full post), especially this.

Jewschool (terribly moving photograph)

Jewlicious (a must-read article that Imshin translated partly as well)

Lisa (scroll down for more posts)

Impressive Photos of a mass prayer at the Kotel (Western Wall) for peace among Jews

Something refreshing

Sarah, and here as well.

Feel free to post more links in the comments, I am scattered all over the place what with my computer being dead. Frankly, I think we are all doomed and the carnage to come will make the past pale by comparison. Apologies for cowardice but I truly cannot think abt it for very long.


At 19/8/05 19:49, Blogger brooksba said...

This is going to sound horrible, but I don't understand why people are being forced from their homes. Because of you I am going to read more about this and try to figure out what is going on.

At 19/8/05 22:20, Blogger squarepeg said...

I can only pray you are wrong. I believe this all to be the best option considering Israel is between a rock and a hard place. Mistakes were made. Sharon (who made many of them) is trying to stop the mistakes and cut losses. It's not tidy -- it's ugly -- but it wasn't going to get any better any other way. I choose to be optimistic.

At 20/8/05 02:53, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

Actually, at first I thought, maybe that the Gaza pull-out was a good thing..."throw a dog a bone" in a sense. Then when Netanyahu resigned over the Israeli Gaza pullout claiming that it will turn Gaza into a homebase of terror, I started thinking of all the negative things that could result out of this action.

I don't know what to think about it. Does the pullout reinforce terrorist behavior?

I've always felt that ideological thinking is fairly steadfast and unrelenting. And,terrorism certainly seems to be an ideology.

I hope it is all for the best, but the cynical side of me says that the pullout won't change any sentiments.

At 20/8/05 16:08, Blogger Bubbi said...

I sat crying while I watched what should have never happened! Some may think the settlers are fanatics but it is people such as these that made Israel possible.

To begin with--there is no such thing as a palestinian and it amazes me how history is ignored.

Lioness is right--nothng will come of this but more terror and it will not be exclusive to Israel.

When this does not work and Jews lay dead from the new terror base called Gaza--the US and the stupid Quartet will call upon Israel to do MORE!

The mind set of the world is that Israel is occupied--as long as th9is remains the thinking--it will always be Israel who has to do more.

Ms. Rice has already said as much before Gaza is even finished.
I am ashamed of my goverment --we too have given validity to the terrorists.

All that being said--one thing is certain--Israel will stand--a hard lesson to be sure but stand she will.

At 20/8/05 20:39, Blogger treppenwitz said...

Let's not forget that the Arabs consider the Iberian peninsula to be every bit as much their rightful property as Gaza or Jerusalem. Months before Al Qaeda blew up the trains in Spain Bin Laden was making statements about avenging the Reconquista of Spain and Portugal that took place between 1250 and 1492.

They want it... and they want it all.

At 20/8/05 22:31, Blogger K|nneret said...

It hurts the heart, Lioness. I thought the evacuation of Yamit was bad ... this was far worse on some level. Maybe because with the Sinai, I thought we actually had a chance for a true peace with Egypt. There is no chance for peace with the Palestinians - they don't want peace. They want everything. And the international community isn't going to give Israel any slack at all.
I support the disengagement. This still hurts badly.

At 21/8/05 21:20, Blogger Serialangel said...

Hi. Remember me? Betty's back! Throughout this whole Gaza purge recently, I've been thinking of you. What is this disengagement you talk of?

With the way things are, all we can do go through the madness together.

At 21/8/05 22:02, Blogger Stacey said...

I fear The Lioness is right. This has been such a difficult week. It has been heavy on my mind. And what will come of it?

At 22/8/05 02:04, Blogger [ba] said...

hey hon.
1 = ben does not equal spam
2 = does the german really get a place to comment here?

I hope you're well.
I ...
... it a curious world, this one. The Future's been on my mind a lot, lately.
Why The Fuck People Can't Stand One Another has been a part of that. A big part.
I hope you're well.

At 22/8/05 02:41, Blogger Candace said...

Wow, WTF with all the spam lately?

I just don't know enough about any of this to make any sort of decision, so I revert to your expertise, Johnny. I need to read more about this conflict so I understand it better. I'm embarassed to say that I don't know enough about it; I *should* know.

At 22/8/05 09:38, Blogger brooksba said...

What is with all the spam? How odd. I'm sorry you had any of it at all.

At 22/8/05 11:13, Blogger The Lioness said...

Father much much better, thank you, some side effects from medication but that's to be expected. He needs to take it for 2 months now.

In response to comments on the disengagement, I do believe Israel had no other choice, the Disengagement had to happen, the world is too adamant not to see. But yes, I also believe it will open the door to unimagined horrors. And Bubbi, I'm sorry, but I've felt ashamed of your governement for abt 5 years now. :(

Bety and Misfit, following the links is a start, and there's always Google School of Social Sciences.

If you'll excuse me, I must go spam the spammers, they're distracting me.

At 22/8/05 11:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back to school. I think it's time for me to go back to

At 22/8/05 11:29, Blogger The Lioness said...

Back To School person, I have just used the Flag for the first time - ON YOU! How cool is that, you are a bloody pain, I go to your site, flag you, and thereby warn Blogger abt your being a bloody pain? THANK YOU.

Apologies for the Word Verif now needed bfr you can comment but I had 18 spam comments

At 22/8/05 11:33, Blogger Bubbi said...

Dont be sorry Lioness----I fear there will be much more to be ashamed of :(

Tell me how you did the word verification, please. I am getting the spammers too.


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