Friday, August 12, 2005

The Av within

On Friday the 13th, August 2004 I thought of creating a new blog. And so I did. How fitting.

The Jewish month of Av (July/August of the Gregorian calendar) is not a good month for Jews. This upcoming Sunday is
Tisha b’Av, literally the 9th of Av, the culmination of nine days of remembering the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem, and a few more terrible events. [The Jewish calender is lunar and therefore the date of Tisha b’Av varies. Last year, when I created my blog, it had been safely behind us for 2 weeks.]

The whole of Israel and the Jewish world are busy w the disengagement from Gaza these days. Dany
wrote a post that absolutely explains how I feel abt it: heavy and hopeless and full of dread. Av, again. Again, how fitting. Tisha b’Av should be ended on a hopeful note bcs we, after all, have survived. And we will, after all, keep surviving. Shabbat starts soon and Sunday is a day of fasting so I am posting this now. And this is all I have to offer you:

  1. I celebrate my one year blogging anniversary tomorrow, 13th of August
  2. Loverboy and I will celebrate our 3-month anniversary on the very same day by finally going out for Sushi
  3. The pictures from the post below

Bcs, see, I am grateful, so grateful that I started blogging in my blissful ignorance. And I am certain I will want to say more abt it at some point. But right now all I can think is, My blog is one year old and my Tig is gone. Uzi is dead, UZI IS DEAD,




And I have really nothing left to say.


Tig, October 98Tig katan

Tig veAni, Purim 99



At 12/8/05 17:46, Anonymous Manuela said...

Oh, Lioness...

I'm so sorry for this horrible horrible loss... I so wish I had something useful to say...

My heart aches for you...

At 12/8/05 17:51, Blogger paulmonster said...

In spite of all, it's wonderful to have you around. Happy anniversaries. Enjoy the sushi (everything's better with soy sauce).

Uzi still opens things for you. Savor all of this.

At 12/8/05 19:53, Blogger brooksba said...


It is good that you are able to post the pictures of Uzi now. I am sorry we did not do that while we were visiting. They are beautiful.

I know this last year has been filled with ups and downs and I'm glad to see that you were able to get those events and emotions out in this forum. I am glad you started a blog and that we got to know each other.

You are loved all around.

At 12/8/05 20:17, Blogger D said...

Having gotten to know you just a tiny bit, I can safely say I would have liked Uzi. Your choice in friends reflects well on you (I mean, just take me for example...)
I will not congratulate you on your first blogging anniversary, but I will congratulate the blogosphere for having had you in it for a whole year now.
Real friends also know each others downs, and so I'm sad to say we're not real friends yet, according to my very strict standards anyway. But I wish, in spite of the great friends you have for support, and E. in particular of course, that I could be there to let you tell me about him first hand. We would both win. You might feel better, and gain a friend, and I would get to know Uzi, and gain a friend.

At 12/8/05 21:11, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

Happy anniversary and celebrate all the love in your life!

ps Sushi is fun. I once had a friend-of-a-friend who was an airline pilot and well-paid and took us out. I had so much I smelled like a fisherman the next day!

Anyway, put some of the soy sauce into the small bowl they give you and a small amount of the wasabi (green spicy stuff). Stir it up. Pick up sushi piece with chopsticks, drape a piece of ginger (pink translucent stuff) over it and just touch it all to the soy-wasabi combination. DO NOT SOAK IT! You're tasting everything. Try the next piece without the ginger, then the next without the sauce, etc. And don't nibble if the chef is watching. It's considered rude if you don't pop the whole piece into your mouth. Sushi chefs go to school and take years to perfect their craft, so this is Serious Food to them.

I always feel very relaxed after eating sushi - probably because it's not fried or processed or anything that interferes with digestion. Which can be pretty sexy too.

At 13/8/05 02:29, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

A year is amazing how much happens [good and bad] in a year. I've read your blog for about 9-10 months now (since I started blogging myself). You've been on such a wild ride...Thanks for taking us with you.

At 13/8/05 20:49, Blogger CarpeDM said...

I'm so glad that you started blogging or we would never have met.

I am sorry Uzi is gone but he will live on in your memory and words. Because of you, I feel as if I know him and think of him every time I see a butterfly. Which, right now, there are tons.

Love you much. Happy Anniversary to you and Loverboy.



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