Monday, August 01, 2005

Letters from Miluim* - 1

Tig, this is everyone. Everyone, meet Uzi.

These are his words.

24 May 1999

O Pip,

Well, end of first day.

I got to that office I had to report to at sometime before 15.00 and there we waited till about 18.00 doing nothing at all, except getting the gear and that metal stick I have to carry around to anywhere I go.

Amazing, just when you think you saw everything in the army something surprises you. They want us to sleep in these cement buildings, the type you see in Forrest Gump. I thought IDF got rid of them all. Now I’m waiting for a bed and a mattress. They said they’ll get here within half an hour an hour ago. The guys are great. We’re a very small unit. I like the officer in charge so far. Although he’s kind of arrogant.

I was taught the difference between trance, hip hop, techno, house and trip-hop music.
Trance: the UFO music with changing beat and changing loudness.
House: constant beat, loud bass
Hip hop: black rap music - like Will Smith
Techno: constant beat with addition of things such as saws and engines
Trip-hop: Prodigy-style

[Then a bit here that Lila would love]

Anyway, I’ll continue tomorrow.



25 May 1999

Another wasted day.
All we did today was shoot 10-20 bullets to see that the rifle works properly, and some explanations about our job here. The mosquitoes here are killers and I didn’t bring my anti-mosquito product. Tonight I’ll buy the army one. I took a freezing shower, wow. Horrible. But it was unavoidable. As far as I know I’m gonna be guarding for the next 10 days or so.

Good night, Pip.


28 May 1999

Well, time does move here. I neglected writing for 3 days and didn’t even notice it.

Yesterday some guy wanted to have me tried for not checking the people at the gate. Who the fuck does he think I am? I am a civilian who temporarily wears a uniform. Anyway my officer got me out of it saying that if they charge me with anything both me and him are out of here.

I had a mouse in my bag, he ate some of my wafers. Cute, fast little bugger. I slept 3 ½ hours tonight, finished guarding at 3 and got up again at 6.30. Somehow I don’t feel so sleepy. I’ll try to sleep now cause I’m free till 3 am


* Reserve duty. Israeli men, after they’ve served in the army, are called back every year for some weeks, consecutive or not, until they reach 45? 50?
** Kiss



At 1/8/05 18:38, Blogger 4 leaf clover said...

hello Beautiful!

Uzi writes like someone I know... always conservational, cute, friendly...and always on the go and full of life.

sigh... national service in Singapore (SG) is pretty much the same as Israel - in fact, the SG government back in the 1920s got Israel to help when they were trying to build an army in SG.

At 1/8/05 21:24, Blogger brooksba said...

This is touching to read. I adore how Uzi broke down the differences between different styles of music.


At 1/8/05 21:32, Blogger The Lioness said...

I have more, should I post the others as well? I didn't want for it to be too much, just wanted to give him a choice to speak w his own voice.

At 2/8/05 01:57, Blogger aderyn said...

So sweet. I definitely think you should post more.

At 2/8/05 04:38, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

It is great that you have those little messages. I love his response about the mouse...who calls a mouse in their bag a cute little bugger? haha. Keep on posting what you have...they're priceless.

At 2/8/05 17:39, Blogger Diana said...

Please post more. It is nice to have a bit of a window on him and serving in the Israeli reserves is certainly something I will never experience. I'm very selfishly interested.

At 2/8/05 17:42, Blogger Ana said...

It's funny, reading these little messages from someone I don't know but almost feel like I do. I'm glad you have them!

At 3/8/05 11:29, Blogger Noorster said...

Thank you for sharing this. I love his sense of humour. The mosquito repellant bit is priceless.

At 3/8/05 14:22, Blogger CarpeDM said...

I enjoyed this, Johnny, and would like to hear more from Uzi. So please post all you want.

At 3/8/05 16:22, Blogger Bubbi said...

You have made him known to so many who would have been no more than strangers........
Very cool.......


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