Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Letters from Miluim - 2

See here for the ones before this, and to understand what this is about. I'm black, Uzi is green. There's something to be said for tidying up, I've found the baby pics of his I had misplaced. [As I said, there's loss in chaos.] Both him and Z. looked absolutely scrumptious when they were small. Still do. Well, you know what I mean.

I am at the beach as you read this, sun sand and ocean. This post is brought to you courtesy of Loverboy. (Lila, ani etkasher alaich besof hashavua, besseder? Tagidi li im ate babait.)


29 May 1999

I’m on a guarding post, 4 metres high or so. 30 metres from me there’s an Egyptian guarding, probably as bored as I am. We’re not allowed to interact. I nearly finished a whole book in this shift that ends in less than half an hour. And then I’m on again at 23.00 at the gate. These guarding shifts can make you lose track of the days (much like you). But they make days move really fast. Three more nights and I get to have two whole days home with you.

The ravens here are huge and totally black: no wonder Alfred Hitchcock made a movie about birds, they really are scary. There are a few dozen others of them around the base. That’s the time of year they can be dangerous, before their chicks mature finally. Don’t worry, I didn’t see any aggressiveness from them. The desert it marvellous but there’s hardly a mountain that’s not cut in half by the marks of an errant jeep. The miserable Egyptians are doing the patrols on foot. Can you imagine that? I really feel sorry for them. A bit.



At 4/8/05 12:49, Blogger Diana said...

Keep them coming, please.

Having a wonderful time with Loverboy in the sand? "There's loss in chaos." How very true, and with that loss comes the realization that much of what is lost is not truly lost as it is not missed and can therefore be gotten rid of. At least, that is what I tell Charles each time I clean out his part of the closet.

At 4/8/05 13:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is it all about??

At 4/8/05 16:21, Blogger CarpeDM said...

I like reading this and hearing Uzi speak to us in his own words. Makes me miss him all that much more. Which is weird since I never knew him but you know what I mean. Right?

Diana, please come clean my closets. Please!

At 4/8/05 19:42, Blogger brooksba said...

"These guarding shifts can make you lose track of the days (much like you)." This line touched my heart in a way I don't think I could describe.

Keep the letters coming. I hope you are enjoying the beach.

Loverboy - thank you for helping Lioness post this.


At 4/8/05 19:58, Blogger cat said...

Hoping you and loverboy are having a fabulous time.

At 4/8/05 23:51, Anonymous Lala said...

J-you're coming up on a year of blogging. It seems like I've known you forever. Congrats,
Love, Lauren

At 5/8/05 03:55, Blogger aderyn said...

"errant jeep" is my new favorite phrase.


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