Monday, November 28, 2005

Spot the beauty!

Something sweet

Can you see it? Can you? Can you? Isn't it sweet? Melted my pericardium right off my, well, myocardium.

I loved it, it was the verification word over at Faggots on the Third Floor (BRILLIANT blog name, BTW, simply brilliant). And that is fine in so many ways, fine with a sultry US Southern accent, bcs, see, faggots? Faggot-y men? They wanted Uzi, my pretty boy, they dehydrated looking at him, such was the drool. They LOVED him.

Tig, October 98

Fuck. Who didn't.



At 28/11/05 18:41, Blogger Nancy said...

go to my site Lioness.

I posted something there for you.

Uzi is in peace.

Peace be with you.

At 28/11/05 19:00, Blogger Diana said...

That's...just...well...What are the odds?...Too high for me.

"Nipze" probably translate to "butterfly" in Swahili or something, too.

Gone but never forgotten, He is.

At 28/11/05 19:30, Blogger The Lioness said...

Nancy, I did. You're lovely, thanks. And your roses, OY YOUR ROSES you lucky woman!

Diana, I now believe those monkeys writing Shakespeare. I have, of course, googled Nipze and it's something in electronics. Sort of Big Brotherish but in a good way? Maybe he's TIVO-ing us as we speak, or whatever the version is... somewhere.

Oh, I forgot, go to Faggots etc etc and look for the beginning of the Tammi letter if you want to have a good laugh, in a scary way. That these people exist and breed is beyond me.

At 28/11/05 19:31, Blogger Lala said...

How very very sweet.
Now tell me J, why do so many Israelis google Lala Land or Lala?

At 28/11/05 19:39, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

And I thought those letters were counterintuitive in non-Slavic languages! But I'm concerened, after all you've done to get your pericardium to grow back over the past year...

At 28/11/05 19:44, Blogger Estelle said...

I'm glad that it found you honey. How nice. Yes, always nice to get a little nod from above. Now I know you will be my most faithful reader.
What an awesome word verification.

At 28/11/05 19:56, Blogger brooksba said...

How darling! It is touching to see this. Just beautiful. How sweet.


At 28/11/05 20:05, Blogger ontheface said...

That is lovely, and so *hilarious*!

So much, much nicer than having people from all over the Middle East find your blog by searching for "hot Arab sex", "face sitting" or "Israeli sex."


At 28/11/05 20:26, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

WHAT, OnTheFace???

*Googling like crazy*

At 29/11/05 00:53, Blogger Ed said...

I'm glad you were reminded in a good way. Of course I had to look up pericardium - very clever.

I keep getting words that could almost be Welsh. In Welsh 'w' and 'y' are vowels and 'ff' is a single letter.

So the word verification I've got for this comment is 'fwyvk'. The 'fwy' combination is classic Welsh (in fact 'wy' is a word - it means 'egg') but not the 'vk' - that's very un-Welsh. So I keep getting words that could almost be Welsh, but aren't.

You really wanted to know that, didn't you... :)

At 29/11/05 04:40, Blogger twisteddragonfly said...

Aww, J. Sometimes a little piece of heaven where we least expect to find it. His sense of humor still comes through. (o)

At 30/11/05 04:52, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Oh my goodness. That is amazing. Completely and totally amazing. I love it. How awesome that he (and you know it was from him) sent this to you.

Word verification has amused me a few times. I got my initials once - DMV. That was cool.

I am showering you with virtual kisses! Much love

At 1/12/05 08:23, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

Uzi just keeps showing up doesn't he...
It looks like he never left.

He makes his appearance here and there just to make you remember (smart guy) ;)


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