Sunday, November 06, 2005

Have you seen this woman?

This is how this post would be: I'd write I have and still cannot believe what they did to me, and then I'd post a pic of it. I just came back from yet another game show called The Vault where I earned some money, yet again, and they made up my face in such a way that I could barely recognise myself, and if you add to that my revolting and absolutely vile new haircut which causes my wavy and really full-bodied hair to hang limply in the vicinity of my ears, WELL. But, alas, no batteries, no pic.


Actually, my knight in pajamas has just found the old camera which turns everything deep red, I'll try and see if DCE Auto-enhancer can make something out of these sorry specimens. Must rush anyway bcs am absolutely overwhelmed w work for the uni and will remain so till Friday, am also fabulastically knackered and shoulders are sore from keeping arms un-naturally raised on the table, they adjusted all chairs so we all looked the same height and.


Pictures ARE all red and I look like some tired Kurfurstendam whore w horrific orange hair so let's skip saving this particular look for posterity, yes?, but I'll try and tape the show in a few weeks and then maybe we can discuss this subject again. I kept starting whenever I caught a glimpse of myself - OH! This reminds me, when I was in that German game show (I swear I don't do this often, this was only the 3rd time) my mother walked right past me. Now, my mother does not see too well and they did give me curls, of sorts, and really brown hair but still, memorable. [My German audience - Hi Udge! - might enjoy this tidbit: during the casting I wanted to talk abt the dolphins Weibchen and instead kept talking abt the Weiber. Yes, yes, you may laugh, it IS hysterical. In my defence, I hadn't spoken German in ages, in fact I rarely ever do. Also gut, weiter lesen.] Now I will go and spend 10 min in the bathroom not so happily scrubbing away. Twas fun almost talking to you again. *sob*


At 7/11/05 00:54, Blogger Nancy said...

Game shows?? COOL!

btw: the rose bush you like so well is about to erupt with blooms.

At 7/11/05 01:31, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

I don't know, a red and orange Lioness might be rather interesting. Did you win enough for plane fare over to the US? Please don't skip Vegas if you come.

At 7/11/05 01:56, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

My friend MarciNYC (the one who dressed up her husband's cat like Elvis) was on 'Jeopardy' for three days several years ago. I'm so proud of her.

At 7/11/05 10:02, Blogger brooksba said...

But I would adore to see pictures! I do miss you terribly.

I guess it is okay that you're so busy, but I hope that you do get some time to rest for yourself.

I love that you've been on three game shows. I do wish those of us in the States could watch you on the shows and cheer you on.

At 7/11/05 17:42, Blogger cat said...

LOFL... Hope you get the face paint off. Post those pictures anyway!

At 7/11/05 18:06, Blogger CarpeDM said...

But I love you in all your lioness incarnations. What the heck is weiber? You can't tell German jokes and then just leave off the punchline. Dang it.

I miss you so much and was thinking of you yesterday when I was eating animal crackers with my nephew. Because there were lion ones and I took pictures that made the lion look like it was eating Josh and drinking Kari's water...Which never mind because that just sounds so weird. And we all know that I'm the most normal person ever.

At 7/11/05 21:37, Blogger Udge said...

A German-speaking pedant writes: It is quite a funny slip-of-the-tongue joke, if you happen to think in German; if not, don't worry about it.

The Lioness' train of thought jumped the tracks. "Weibchen" is the generic word for a female animal (of any random species), as opposed to "Männchen" for a male animal. "Weiber" is a disrespectful (but neither obscene nor particularly insulting) term for women, e.g. when a bunch of married men sit around the Stammtisch drinking beer and trading tales about whose wife has the worst shopping obsession, they talk about "Weiber", usually followed by "who can understand them?" or something in that price class.

An English slip of the same kind (though much ruder) would be to say "ho" instead of "bitch" when talking about a female dog.

Er, what was the post about again? Oh yes, being a red-faced TV star. So open the photo(s) in Photoshop, push down the red and pull up the other tones until the balance (not the actual colour) is more or less right, then convert it into greytones. That should be good enough for the likes of us.

At 9/11/05 19:30, Blogger Manuela said...

GAME show? YOU?

Woman.. you absolutely never cease to amaze me. Just priceless.... I'm dying to see the photos...

At 10/11/05 18:00, Blogger Serialangel said...

You were on a gameshow?! *Squeals* I loooove game shows. I'm so good at those things. I figure as a student career I could make over a million from quiz shows. So jealous of you!

At 11/11/05 14:03, Blogger Noorster said...

Yeah, but what's a "Kurfurstendam whore"? That's what I want to know.


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