Thursday, November 10, 2005

And then the man as well! And animal bones!

Oh, such fun! Remember The Vault from last post? Game show, TV? Weeeeeell..... I didn't make a lot of money this time, I was a Negotiator and they never make loads. I won 300 E which will pay part of the tuiton AND SOME BOOKS OH YES MAYBE EVEN MORE THAN SOME! I won't post the harlot pics as such EVER for ophtalmologic hygiene reasons; and there's no point in photoshopping them into B&W bcs what was amazing abt the look was what they did do to my face and hair and THAT only works in colour. So bite your tongues, o rushy ones! They'll eventually show it and I'll eventually tape it, w luck, and then I can photograph the screen and then I'll look at the professions to figure out which one I am [Anthropologist, *clears throat*] and then I'll photograph the screen. Are we cool? We're cool then. [Pardon my English, am still very much addicted to Veronica Mars, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOVE it!]

Am almost revived. For those of you with knowledge of the human skull, and particularly for those of you familiar with animal skulls, you'll be horrified to know that I have been working since Mon on a powerpoint presentation of the mandible of: Horse, Cow, Sheep/Goat, Dog, Cat, Pig and Rabbit. The Chicken is another group's as a whole. No, I'm not kidding at all. And then there were also the Hyoids and the Pterygoids, which my colleagues did. And finally, and this will bring you to your bloody knees, THE SPHENOID! YES! Still not joking! And did you know that there are a plethora of inter-species differences?? Yes there are! And what fun it was trying to understand exactly what hole/thingy corresponded to what foramen on bones that were so old they had sprouted EXTRA ONES!


And the views??? We have to, aside from the .ppt pics for the actual presentation, photograph the whole skull, then the mandible, then the head minus mandible dorsally, ventrally, laterally, medially, rostrally, caudally - and THEN: rostro-caudo-lateral, rostro-caudo-medial etc. close to 300 pics altogether, it's all a bit of a blur by now. Presentation is tomorrow and my 1st year colleagues didn't really see the need to start photographing early enough OR to get in touch w me as I frantically left them messages on the noteboard and roamed the corridors trying to track them down bcs our originally presentation was scheduled for the 4th of November. So I showed up for class and told the professor I would be getting a 0 bcs *cringe* I couldn't locate my colleagues. When the blessed 18 year-olds finally showed up for class that day they told me our presentation had been postponed for a week and really, they weren't worried bcs they both knew, did I see, so it was alright. And I asked them if they didn't find the information worthy of sharing w me and BTW why hadn't I been contacted when I'd been leaving messages everywhere and they said Oh right, were you worried? Maybe we were naive? And let's just say I have been doing a fair amount of roaring and yet no hitting, sadly. That would vastly help my adrenal glands regain their normal shape.

So please, say a quick prayer for me bcs oral presentations absolutely horrify me and I can't think of anything I'd like to do less. Help!

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At 10/11/05 14:52, Blogger brooksba said...

I am thrilled that you'll be able to purchase some books with your winnings! You'll have to share the story of Loverboy on the show as well.

A few of the terms about bones actually sounded familar from a medical biology class I took years ago. I admire how much you do know and I'm sorry your colleagues are as such. You can do the presentation and I do understand your nervousness.

Miss you!

At 10/11/05 17:49, Blogger Serialangel said...

We used to have the vault on British TV, and it was terrible. The questions were ok, but I hated the presenter. I think the most anyone won was £1 million. But hey, anything that permits you to buy books can only be a good thing!!

Talking about those Sphenoid (?) thingies sound way scarier than the oral presentation itself. I'm much better at presenting things orally then writing some stupid report. But hey, the most important thing is that you actually know the stuff. If its any consolation, the students aren't usually listening too intently so don't worry too much about how you sound. I'm sure you have a beautiful voice!

Love, Betty xx

At 10/11/05 19:02, Blogger cat said...

Good luck! Just imagine them all naked and don't look in anyone's eyes, look at their forehead instead. It will appear you are looking at their eyes without having to actually make eye contact.

At 11/11/05 03:43, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Sounds like you might be better off doing it yourself without the helpers.
And if it's Powerpoint, you could record the whole talk on the computer, link it to phase with the slide changes, and avoid talking in public. It's a try.

At 11/11/05 08:01, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

You were on a gameshow? Where the hell have I been? I need to really get back into the blogosphere.

Lioness, don't fear the presentation...just realize that you kick ass. I mean, you've been on game shows for crying out loud?

At 11/11/05 12:14, Blogger Bubbi said...

A trick I learned for public speaking. Scope the room before your due to speak. Find a spot to focus on and direct your gaze there. (do not look into anyones eyes).

When you must look away, always go back to the original spot.
You will do great!

At 11/11/05 13:45, Blogger Diana said...

Fucking 18 year-olds! Good of you not to kill them, yet, as you need them to do the talk, but afterward, do your worst. There is pretty much nothing I'd rather do less than speak in public. It is in my contract. "Will never be required to speak in public."

Oh, them bones, them dry bones. For our anat. final, we had to identify a slip of muscle attached to a broken off bit of mandible that was laying on the chest of one of the cadavers. I remember staring at it in exasperation, figuring that the only time in real life we would be in such a situation is if the person were involved in some horrible accident, and his mandible, broken off and sitting on his torso, would be the least of his, or my, worries.

So very sorry for you. Can't wait to see the pictures, though. Should be quite a hoot!

At 11/11/05 15:34, Blogger CarpeDM said...

I think I know what a mandible's a bone, right? Kidding. Isn't it the jaw bone? I think I learned that from watching the Buffy episode where that lady turned into a praying mantis. I'm wrong, aren't I?

I want pictures. Dang it. Do not torture me with thoughts of you all orange hued and then take them away. You know orange is my favorite color.

At 11/11/05 19:58, Blogger K|nneret said...

I am wishing you much luck although I know you don't need it :) Most 18 year olds should be banned - I'll include a certain 17 yo stepson in that category :)
You rock, m'dear :)

At 11/11/05 21:38, Blogger Dale said...

(Buddhist prayers sighted rising up from Portland, Oregon, & wafting across the Atlantic).

I hate presentations too. Break a leg, dear!

At 13/11/05 14:23, Blogger Benjamin said...

Yeah ... I hate when that happens!

[could not relate to the game show or any of the biology. Oh, and I very, very rarely had anything to do with academics at all, so even that's pretty hazy. Hi!]

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fihdut: (n) small shack/hut/tent sort of arrangement, residence of nepalese nomads on the run from their nagging mother-in-laws.

At 20/11/05 18:17, Blogger Ana said...

Quando é que esse "episódio" vai para o ar? Espero que ainda não tenha sido!!


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