Monday, November 14, 2005

A woman after my own heart

The squeamish among you may wish to skip it. The squeamish AND curious among you - well, no need to blame me is there but let the comment fest commence anyway. [Aliteration, I know! Sophistication is the Pride's new motto.] The others may understand why I find it so instantly gratifying, I used to do it in Israel every once in a while when I was volunteering at the clinic. LOVE IT and can't wait to do it again - LOADS!

[Oh, someone I know won 200 E and came back feeling as stupid and ignorant as I did last week. Must be a game show feature.]


At 14/11/05 18:14, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Why, why do I not listen to you? Why?

You may want to add that squeamish, curious people who happen to be on lunch will really regret clicking that link.

Yours in nausea.


Oh, I find it funny that the last two letters of the word verification word is md.

At 14/11/05 19:02, Blogger Diana said...

Oh, poor, poor pup!

At 14/11/05 19:34, Blogger Serialangel said...

As part of the curious group, I loved it - I want to show it to my younger cousins and scared them into brushing their damn teeth. I'm glad the doggy is feeling better now!

At 14/11/05 20:09, Blogger Jennifer said...

Hey, thanks for the link!

At 14/11/05 20:48, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

And what will he do with his 200? At least you both won something. Come to Vegas and lose it all.

At 14/11/05 20:49, Blogger brooksba said...

I didn't find the pictures that bad, but then I'm not that squeamish. I feel so bad for the dog and I'm so glad that he (or she) was able to get help from VetMommy.

I know that Loverboy didn't think he won that much, but any amount of funds on a game show is worth it. And you'll get to watch him on the telly! What is the game show like? I'm not familiar with it.

Miss you! Beijos!

At 14/11/05 22:44, Blogger Manuela said...

BLECH! But my nausea is outweighed by the relief this poor dog must now be feeling!

At 16/11/05 19:19, Blogger Agent Sierra said...

So time to schedule that dental for my dog then.... I can't possibly imagine why a pet owner would allow their pet's teeth to get that way.

Makes me angry.


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