Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dinner is served

Had an exam last Friday. Had an exam last Monday. Will have Virology as well, soon.

Had bad insomnia today, fell asleep around 6 am maybe. Read 2 books in one day, maybe I overstimulated my brain. Has been known to happen but after 2 exams I needed a reading frenzy. Twice. So make that 2 books in one day on TWO consecutive days. Serves me right. Am now studying Virology and Immunology and have very definite opinions on what icosaedric symmetry and cytokines can go do with themselves. Have major congress this weekend, will stay over at Tweedle's house (it's outside Lisbon) and return Sunday.

Have been cut off from world bcs my telly sprouted more cable channels and the universe was displeased so it took away both the telly watching and the interneting. Took a good while to sort out, I kept finding the digital boxes on their backs, little rigid legs up in the air, very dead. Then a neighbour decided he could maybe swap his cable for ours and presto, he'd have free internet and cable, we'd have nothing, seems fair. I've just found out, technician was here. He fixed it (swapped cables). Then fixed it some more (added one more slot so Dishonest Git could have his daily fix). Then left. Then I called him back from the window bcs remote had just died in my hands. Only it hadn't, digital box simply needs to be rebooted every so often. Techno S&M. Love this armpit of a country.

Speaking of which, technician had vile ones. Don't understand why cablemen are prevented from showering. Well, they are prevented from coming round to the client's house earlier (12 o'clock) instead of at the set time (17.00 onwards) even if they happen to be free and we happen to be desperate. They can actually be fined 500 Euros. so mum's the word. Which makes sense, bcs a customer that has faster service will be absolutely livid at being allowed to leave the house earlier, how dare they. So it isn't so far-fetched to think they may also be prevented from partaking from ablutions. The living-room now smells of rancid sweat and even had to lock J.I.P. in the bedroom bcs she was so fascinated she kept sniffing the man (he was on his knees) and at one point attempted to climb onto his knee so she could get a better scent leverage point. Kept telling her [in Hebrew, thank God][was learning it when she adopted me and now it not only feels silly to use any other language but she actually understands and mostly obeys] [except for when fascinating pong occupies the room] to stop it but she was entranced. Dog was sniffing him very intently as well but she is easier to manage.

Said J.I.P. jumped onto my chest yesterday and as she started to position herself for a sound nap blobs of diarrhoea fell out of her bum onto my thankfully solidly-covered boobs. Upon quick sniffing bcs it didn't quite look like poop, however liquidy, more like pale chocolatey milk with small chunks of thick cream in it, Dx was found: anal glands inflammation. Now you know. A small but elaborate dance followed where I jumped off the sofa and tore the shirt off me bfr it soaked through, then chased cat around so I could properly express the glands and get rid of obstruction should there be one. Cat was very displeased and kept screaming and contorting and trying to spray tiny bits of gunk around the bathroom but vet students perform restraint miracles with a towel so she couldn't. For the most part.

Went to the dentist yesterday, to finally [let's not discuss insurance companies now, see armpit above] fix the mess created by that other dentist which culminated in a truncular anaesthesia site hurting fro 10 days straight and THEN an otitis with eardrum perforation. The filling had broken and the damage was vast so she had to destroy even more of the remaining healthy tooth (by remaining picture a crater bcs that's what was left, only the sides) and I am now sore. The receptionist cum assistant yaps away nonstop in the most annoying manner and (this for Portie understanding only) uses the "D.ยช", despite knowing I have a degree and my mother having berated her on both our counts. But no, she's as dense as the brain matter she lacks. She also has medium yellow hair with short dark brown roots, in a funky hairstyle that surely causes her to get up at least 1h earlier so she can beautify herself that way, a sort of Cornrow For The Honkey. Also, the Dr. was late and didn't apologise. I learnt, bcs I coulnd't help it, she went away to the country for the weekend and was very unnerved bcs there were loads of flying little spiders with webs attached and an entourage. Unnerved. Living things, in the country, crikey! Eh.

Received anatomo-pathology report, it seems I had a miscarriage. Shocker. They found tissue compatible with 1st trimester pregnancy but no embrionic tissue whatsoever. Which either means that a) that unbelievable amount of clots I passed had the embryo in it, wich turns said embryo into some sort of an elevated escapee bcs it was able to rupture the sac and slither out unecumbered, yeepee let's see them try and find me now; or b) the mothership needed it back so they beamed it up. Bcs I DID see an embryo on that US. Twice. Or maybe c), I am a hybrid species and do reabsorption well.

Anonymous and Oblivious from last post left another comment. It said: What about gay penguins and dolphins? To which I can only say, I hope they're happy little buggers.


At 1/6/06 20:14, Blogger brooksba said...

Tests, books, the big I, dentists, no cable, results, and idiotic comments. Yikes! You've been very busy.

I hate, HATE it when the cable goes out. I feel detached from the world without the Internet. I missed you. How do you feel about the tests? I hope they went well and best of luck on this one coming up.

Lots of love! Beijos!

At 1/6/06 21:19, Blogger Udge said...

What about the penguins and dolphins? Don't ask, don't tell.

Good luck with the exams, and the insomnia too. And give that dentist a good accidental bite next time.

At 1/6/06 22:59, Blogger Ed said...

It only seems like yesterday that you did your last lot of exams.

Still laughing at the dance round the room. Shame Emanuel didn't have the camera at the ready. (Or did he?) ;)

At 2/6/06 00:17, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

Welcome back. I've missed you.

At 2/6/06 09:18, Blogger Ana said...

I'm so glad you're back! Lunch next week?

At 2/6/06 14:08, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Hello! Missed you!

So, what about those gay penguins and dolphins? Anon has completely missed the point yet again, hasn't he?

You've been very, very busy. Hope everything goes well with the tests.


At 3/6/06 01:35, Anonymous Manuela said...

GAH!!! I'm still shuddering from how a discussion regarding the expressing of clogged feline anal glands and milky cat poo somehow led straight into dental work.

I am still fighting the gag reflex as I type these very words.

Only you, darling Lioness... only you.

At 4/6/06 15:27, Anonymous Kath said...

Dear Lioness, it is great to hear from you! Your description of the malodorous-technician-as-catnip had me rolling. Eek. And then merrily on to anal leakage and dental work.

The tissue from my first two miscarriages was "analysed" with similarly inconclusive results to yours. The shocking diagnosis was "disturbed pregnancy." Oh, my. Good thing we've got medical people to tell us these things.

At 5/6/06 03:23, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

I was wondering where you've been. It turns out you've been busy...or at least more busy than me.

You still have your ability for interesting story telling ;)


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