Monday, May 15, 2006

I don't even know what to call this so make up your own title

It's 4.30 am and I am not sleeping yet, again, maybe I shouldn't have re-read all of Cancerbaby archives but can't be helped now, and now am fed up with reading and watching TV and decided I'd maim meme myself. Feel free to join me.

Accent: I suppose a Portuguese one but not really the typical Portie one. You who have heard me IRL, what do I sound like? (Be polite now.)

Booze: Caipirinha, but really weak and really sweet and don't let my inevitable alcohol-induced lisp bother you.

Religion: Jewish

Chore I Hate: Honestly, all. Oh, except for shoe shining, which I love. Other than that, long live the housekeeper. I should have been born rich. Alternatively, I should have got an anal-retentive man

Dogs/Cats: Yes, bless them. My dog,
Papoila (= Poppy); 2 cats J.I.P (Jewish Israeli Princess) and Hum-Hum, The Tripod One.

Essential Electronics: My wireless laptop, Moshe The Malfunctioner, and the telly. Would not know how to (or want to for the matter) live without it.

Favorite Perfume/Cologne: Laura Ashley's Nr. One. Discontinued. DISCONTINUED. Help!

Gold/Silver: Silver, white gold, platinum, never ever gold.

Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal.

Insomnia: Are you asking if I indulge in it? *cackles* *CACKLES!!* Re-read the 1st paragraph or bathe in my Insomnia category.

Job Title: Dismayed vet student, dismayed freelance translator

Most Admired Trait: Languages are like birds, they come terribly easy.

Overnight Hospital Stays: Being a preemie ensured a few, and having ear/nose surgery two decades later for preemie-related repairs added another one, and then some stupid twat drove her car into mine and nicked my 3rd cervical vertebrae which required a CT scan and an overnight stay IN THE PSYCHIATRIC WARD bcs all beds elsewhere were full and being unable to move your head was a fucking joy in that environment, let me tell you, especially when the girl in the bed next to yours peripherally looks demented, which is a suprise in that ward, and you end up having a fight with that aide person who was adamant abt your having to relinquish your knickers bcs it stands to reason that if you were to, say, become paralysed from the neck down the way to your vertebrae would most certainly be through your cervix. That was one exceedingly long night and this was just the surface.

Phobia: This meme is absolutely priceless, oh the memories! FUNNY! All together now: tsunamis! Tsunamis have been my greatest phobia for as long as I can remember.
I could write a poem.

Kids: *cackles, again* Ahh, so much mirth, so little time... I slightly miscarried my 1st pregnancy abt a month ago. The answer would obviously be a resounding No.

Quote: "In life pain is unavoidable, suffering is optional." No idea who said it first, wish it had been me.

Time I usually wake up: I love to wake up early but it depends. I need to sleep a lot [see Insomnia above for a hearty chuckle] but usually sleep rather badly and wake up a tonne of times per night [see Cervical Thingy above for another good one] and well, it's a misery really.

Unusual Talent: I can curse in six languages. This comes in handy more than one would expect it to.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Dill. DILL. Dill is the work of the spawn of Satan's worms.

Number of sexual partners: Pre-marital sex is the work of the spawn of satan's worms' spawn.

Worst Habit: What the fuck could I possibly write here? Bloody hell but this is a difficult one. *ahem*

Yummy Foods I make: Oh shut up. [Oh wait, gizzards! I actually make fabulous gizzards and liver.]

[Meme stolen from Stacey]

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At 15/5/06 14:01, Blogger pithydithy said...

Even if it was written while you were up suffering insomnia, I enjoyed that immensely. I'd I'm way jealous of the language skills.

At 15/5/06 18:43, Blogger Diana said...

Well, maybe the psych aide got confused? Cervical vs cervix? Heaven help the poor soul who comes in with a history of 'cervical cancer' and complains of 'cervical strain'. She'll start spinning and may not ever stop.

At 15/5/06 21:51, Blogger brooksba said...

What you sound like? You sound like the Lioness! I love your accent. But then I know your accent for when you spoke English. It was similiar to British English, but maybe with a bit of Icelandic in it. It's cute.

I like your meme and you give strong answers. The night in the hospital sounds scary and I'm glad you are okay.

I'll have to try this one soon.


At 16/5/06 01:29, Anonymous JDEgirl said...

Laura Ashley No 1, also my favorite scent of all time...and I used to have a butt load of it because I worked there long ago...but its all gone now.

I have searched high and low, wishing someone would make something close. I will say that the closest I have found is Jessica McClintock.

If I ever find the real thing, or something very very close, you'll be the first I tell.

At 16/5/06 09:12, Anonymous Charles (Canadian in Hong Kong) said...

Please check your e-mail for a message from me!

At 17/5/06 18:18, Anonymous Kath said...

How about

Worst Habit: Eccentric alphabetization?

(*Ducking for cover*)

I laughed so hard at the spawn of satan's worms' spawn. And I would dearly love to hear you curse in all your languages.

Hope your insomnia clears up soon. That is miserable.

At 24/5/06 17:33, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Ah, I love you ever so much. Just so you know.

I'd say you sound British but not snooty British, wonderful caring and sexy British (but what do you expect from someone who is the most glamorous woman I know?). Does that make sense?

You make me laugh so much. Satan's spawn indeed.


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