Saturday, October 23, 2004



  • See the sofa’s armrest from whence you are initiating those adorable take-off-at-any-minute motions?
  • See the table you are aiming for?
  • The table has a HIGH stack of magazines (In-Style) on it - you can see them quite clearly because they are EXACTLY on your wishful landing site.
  • Also, your beloved armrest is at least ONE FULL METRE away from the afore mentioned landing site.
  • Finally, DIRECTLY in between both and STARING YOU IN THE FACE is a floor lamp.


Cat, you have THREE LEGS ONLY and are SOLID. Don’t be daft.

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At 23/10/04 01:12, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Oh, the leaping. I love it when they do the leaping. Eddy's nickname is "Leaping Kitty" (among others) and he is always trying to get from place to place without touching the ground. It can be quite amusing.

At 23/10/04 07:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

O misguided little chocolate-brown three-legged one!

I feel your pain. I may be bigger, fluffier, and four-legged, but I'm not so good at aim myself. Here's my solution. Don't try. Just curl up on the chair and snore. Less pain, and you'll still get fed at regular intervals.

In solidarity,

At 23/10/04 11:59, Blogger Noorster said...

The world is waiting for the Tripod Cat comic strip.

At 23/10/04 14:23, Blogger Marg said...

I don't care how many legs - I want a cat!! =(
Oh, I have a book somewhere about a three legged cat. It's meant to be slightly comical I believe.

Oh, and thank ye for your 6 comments; to which I answer:

- Please do laugh, when I describe my disasterous days I do hope someone will take some "proveito" and get a good laugh out of it! Makes it worth the bad day.

- I'm not really getting a piercing... I was attempting to piss a friend of mine of - Result!!

- If "Portie" = Portuguese, then yep, I am. So no soap for me. I also go to Julians so.... 2x No Soap for me... hehe..

- "new your email" was a TYPO that I could NOT be bothered to correct. Liek most my typso.


Thanks for the comments ;)


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