Saturday, January 29, 2005

See? No claws!

Squarepeg dahling, the 3rd link is for you. Because I know you LOVE kittie-related posting. On one's blog. Yes. Oh, and just because you love it so much, here's this, from Portieland, with love:

Yes, I knew you'd appreciate it. And I know you are heartbroken I can't upload any others bcs I don't have any scanned yet. Yes. Oh stop sniveling, it's very unbecoming. You should be thankful, it's the last pic of her with all four legs [not for the faint-hearted medically]. A privilege. And if you look carefully, there's THE DOG!!! Looking edibly cute. So two privileges, really.

Seriously, this is ADORABLE, please check it and consider re-thinking your glass surface cleaning method. I know it works for my face - especially eyelids. Kudos to The Protocols of the Yuppies of Zion for the bloody brilliant blog's name the link, and the pic at the end of the post [HEY, don't look yet!]. I dedicate it to my Jewish friends - because some of my best friends ARE Jewish, you know, and THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. Not a thing. We rock actually.

If you are indeed Jewish or Israeli - no, they're NOT the same, who knew - or just interested in the whole Israel thing *waves hand about all-encompassingly*, you NEED to read Lisa's story of how she got to Israel. Jack's Shack actually ordered the 4 parts in this post. Bet YOU didn't know that - but I do for I am well read *waves hand about janeaustenly*. But beware. You may find out it stirrs memories, loads of memories, not all of them welcome, not all of them good. Unforgettable posts though. Brilliant Lisa.

And if you have ever asked yourself what Israel is like, well this is it. Also.

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At 30/1/05 12:22, Blogger squarepeg said...

sharing, good; not sharing, bad!
lovely feline, I have no problem with interesting pictures of animals -- it's the staaaaam-portraits that make me want to click away -- far, far away. I actually loved the group shot (with mistress' head would have been even better) and the kitty cleaning my screen made me giggle ... but not as much as skypes' "frisbee" movie -- that made me howl (biblically, even)!


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