Sunday, January 30, 2005

I DO NOT want Jesus around here! (watch your "S")

Dany just emailed me to let me know this URL, , leads to - you'll never guess.

Do you know where he ended up? DO YOU? You will never believe it, ever, EVER!!!

A mega-site of Bible, Christian and religious information & studies; including,audio and written KJV Bible, Bible helps & tools, churches, Doctrine, links, news,prayer, prophecy, sermons, spiritual warfare, statistics, and tracts. Features the Chronological 4 Gospels, Prayer Book, Prophecy Bible, and a photo tour of Israel.

WHAT THE HELL!!! I tried leaving them a message but I got an internal server mistake, and the webmaster's email is invalid as well. Transparency all around.

Bloggers, beware. Dany has just told me this is what they've done: they claimed a name that gets typed a lot ( and then redirect all subdomains (ie to their main domain. ANY blogspot subdomainwill redirect to So yes, expect a visit from Christ any time now. If you forget the S, that is, it works for every one of your blogs. THE PIGS!

Because, see, we are blogSpot. With an S. They do NOT have the S, they're blogpot. WHAT THE HELL??? I want to crash and burn their bloody site! Stupid wankers, how is that good, spreading the doctrine while using disresputable methods??? Yes, that does give me hope for Christianity, I wasn't mistrustful enough, not at all... ARGH!!!

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At 30/1/05 15:50, Blogger Kristin said...

That is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Yes, I am a Christian but I do not believe in jamming it down people's throats. Like many people with a strong faith, be it Christianity, Judiaism (sp?), Hinduism, etc, I want to educate people about what my religion stands for but I will not use subterfuge to achieve that. UGH

At 30/1/05 17:43, Blogger HasidicG said...

You know I'm the last person who would want to defend Christianity especially when it comes to prostelitizing Jews I'm totaly aginst that. However I have softened my approach to them for the very simple fact that they are one of the few and strongest supporters of the state of Israel. Secular, Liberal, and `Reform Jews in the U.S. and here in Europe seem to be more interested in assimilating into mainstream culture anyways and saving whales etc and critisizing their own government for being too [biased towards Israel] (and this is something the Reform movement in the U.S. has done???). I remember a couple years ago I had a lot of anti-Christian posts on my site and an Israeli friend pointed out to me that it is the Christians in America who ensure Israel has the support of the U.S. and to be honest what situation would Israel be in if America wasn't a Christian country that so strongly supported Israel? Would you rely on Europe? I'm European and I am disgusted with the my own people for their on-going demonizing of Israel. Well anyways sorry for the rant, lol I'll shut up now ;-)

At 30/1/05 18:16, Blogger Savtadotty said...

You're beautiful when you're angry...
(said she, hiding in Tel Aviv because she knows you won't come here to get revenge)

At 30/1/05 19:08, Blogger HasidicG said...

LOL! I won't get revenge of course because it wasn't a rant against you, I had excactly the same reaction when I discovered this before with blogpot... but when I got over it I realized that, OK I'm not crazy about Prostlytizing christians but I'd rather have that than the (religion of peace) alternative if you know what I mean. Any ways Shavuah tov and keep up the excellent blogging! JP

At 30/1/05 22:48, Blogger brooksba said...


The domain for "blogpot" was just, um, creepy? Is that the right word for it? I'm Christian (well, kind of - do you HAVE to respect the Church to be Christian?), and the one thing that bothers me the most about the religion is the practice of forcing it down others' throats.

I guess if it was a case of myself typing the wrong link, they aren't forcing it down my throat, but it still stings like a back-handed slap. It just teaches us to be careful with our typing in the end.

Left looking out for typos,


At 31/1/05 15:05, Blogger The Lioness said...

Actually, my problem w any religion, even Judaism, is when people decide theirs alone holds all the answers and everyone else is misguided and need to see the error of their ways. Religion translated as arrogance is a very dangerous thing, and people like these, who use unethical means for religious purposes, just make me afraid bcs somehow, I can really picture what they have to say. And chances are none of it is good.

At 24/9/05 18:02, Blogger MacBigot said...

Funny how the guy reponsible for this (his name is Doug Powell) has leveraged everyone into taking side on religious topics -- and he claims to want to 'unite' people for God and Christ. Funny, MY Bible (I am, I hope, a better definition of what a Christian is supposed to, or should want to claim to, be...) says that _God_ isn't the author of confusion -- Satan is; so this guy is using Satan's tactics to try to bring people to God? With further research, I found that this same individual has been scooping up a handful of other domain names in hopes of grabbing traffic intended for pr0n sites -- so maybe someone trying to see some naked people on the internet are going to somehow be 'saved' because they were sent to THIS GUY'S site instead? What a jerk. What a deluded jerk. Anyway, I have waged war -- and will be chronically my progress (or the lack therof) on my blog. Check it out as I keep it updated here:


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