Sunday, May 15, 2005

Lila, this is for you

Someone found me through this search, bless them. Please read the text for the first entry and notice the name. Oops. And now listen to this (our version is much prettier though).

And to the person who found me by looking for this, I can only say I hope they do, peacefully.



At 20/5/05 01:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI everyone. since this one is specially for me i'm "leaving my comment" as directed Above.. i noticed you "allow yourself" to leave private jokes here! have you
no shame young lady?! i, however, am very pleased to know i understand most of them. so toda! this song is so inaccurate (god of english give me a hand here)!
words come so easy. it's the rest that has to follow... see you on your private mail, thanks for

love, lila


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