Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More sadness online

I can't believe this. Paul's been given grief by some trolls as well. I hate trolls, cowardly, jealous, frustrated little wankers that they are.

I have been a rotten online friend really, in the past few months. I have not even been able to pull myself together enough to help with this and am mad at myself. Stupid Lioness, THAT is one worthy cause and you can't lift your head and forget abt your personal misery for a bit in order to help others? Selfish, so very selfish. I truly am sorry.

I will miss you, Paul. Please let it not be for good.


At 13/7/05 13:18, Blogger D said...

Are the trolls the reason he's quitting? Or are there other causes?
I love trolls. They make me feel right at home.
It speaks well for a person to be off-put by them, although such sensitivity will cause you pain in this world. But then, I don't need to tell YOU this.
Here's a (approximate) quote from Douglas Adams:
(Vogon captain to Zaphod's psychiatrist: "So Zaphod's a friend of your's?"
Shrink: "No, no friend".
Vogon: "Ah, professional distance".
Shrink: "No, we [shrinks] just don't have the knack".

Never really read Paul's blog, only glanced at it, 'cause you link to it. I am interested in why he would quit, I would only quit if I thought there was no longer any point. And the point of blogging is whatever you make it. So what's changed for Paul?

At 13/7/05 17:13, Blogger Candace said...

I've been getting a few anon-nasty comments lately, and you know what? When everyone else comes to my defense, it makes the badness of the mean comment fade away.

Plus, I like to piss people off. It's a character flaw.

At 13/7/05 17:48, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Trolls are stupid. I like to laugh at them. But yeah, they can get really annoying sometimes.

I, for the life of me, do not remember the post you wrote about him before. Which is odd because, hello, love the theatre (and that spelling is considered pretentious for Americans but I don't care. It's like wanting to spell color colour). I'm pretty sure if I would have seen that, I would have been reading his blog.

And now he's leaving. Dang it.

Yeah, misfit, I agree. I love to piss off people as well. It's kind of fun. And it is nice when people come to your defense. Warm and fuzzy feeling abound and outweigh the bad.

At 13/7/05 18:28, Blogger Scully said...

Trolls are stupid. It's too bad they interfere with what's really a fun obsession on the web.

You my dear must be kinder to yourself. It's called grieving. It takes a long time. Be kind to yourself. This has been an eventful time for you.

At 13/7/05 19:14, Blogger Dale said...

It's the nicest people who get the most upset by trolls, which seems terribly unfair. The people who won't just dismiss people as fishbait, who have to keep looking for the connection and the understanding, long after everyone else has just said -- "oh, another jerk" -- and deleted them.

I'll be sorry to see Paul close up shop, too.

At 13/7/05 21:15, Blogger Udge said...

Scully beat me to it. Clubbing yourself about the head and shoulders will make nothing better. Trauerarbeit ist Arbeit, lass es sein.

At 13/7/05 22:18, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

That is a shame. I don't allow anon comments because I figure if you're going to be a wanker you better at least have a blogger account. Keyboard warriors with little man parts.

At 14/7/05 06:40, Blogger paulmonster said...

Thanks, o leonine superfriends--

I'm closing up, for a number of reasons, but chiefly because it's time. You can only go so long before you really should settle some important questions--like what are you willing to stand, and what are you willing to stand up for. The why of it becomes particularly compelling.

I love to write. I hate to write poorly. If I have to step away in order to remember why I love things, then that's a fair price to pay. Simple as that.

Thanks for your sympathy and understanding, Lioness. It will not be for good, that much I can assure you.

For the record, I ain't afraid of no trolls. I am afraid of mediocrity. (Maybe I do just need to grow some keyboard man-parts.)

At 14/7/05 12:12, Blogger The Lioness said...

Mediocrity would scare me more as well. I'm sure your keyboard parts bare just fine. Take your time, sweetie. THEN reappear and dazzle us again!

At 14/7/05 12:24, Blogger Savtadotty said...

Every fertile field needs to lie fallow for a time.

(Do you think I should look for a job in a fortune cookie factory?)

At 14/7/05 13:06, Blogger The Lioness said...


A funny fortune cookie factory.


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