Monday, July 25, 2005

Dx of Comp Prob - UPDATE

It wasn't a virus. No, no virus.

May I present the culprit? This, mostly:

Guileless J.I.P.

And partially this, looking appropriately chastised:

Chastised Papoila

Cat hair.

Copious amounts of cat hair, and the odd dog one. Pet hair in the 75 Euro range. That's how much I paid the nice men to hoover my computer's innards. That's how much they say I'll probably be paying every 6 months or so.



NOTE: Am an absolute scatterbrain, kept reminding myself to add a note to the post abt the pics and clearly, it didn't work. Have not been checking my blog so much, only now realised I had forgotten it after all. These pics were taken by Beth. The Nerdster w the videoclips in her blog. My hero. [I know it's the male form, I like it better] Sorry abt that Beth, I even meant to ask you if I could post them then decided to be autocratic bcs you surely wouldn't mind but then forgot abt everything. Now, J.I.P. (Jewish Israeli Princess) often looks like that. The reason the dog looks like someone stole her will to live is bcs she is trapped in a car w a camera facing her. Cameras are highly dangerous objects and should be feared. Therefore, she does, and no amount of positive reinforcement can convince her otherwise. For those of you who care, I will now reply to the 21 comments. Also, am behind on emails, couldn't tackle them during exams, sorry. Promise I will soon.

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At 25/7/05 20:33, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Come on, if you can memorize all of the internal organs you can learn to open the top and hoover it yourself. No?

At 25/7/05 20:43, Blogger The Lioness said...

Actually, no. They have to open all of it and it took the expert over an hour. I wouldn't dream of attempting it on my own, too risky.

At 25/7/05 21:23, Blogger Savtadotty said...

Why does the dog look so much more guilty than the cat, when the majority of the hair was from the cat? I think there is a Great Injustice happening.

At 25/7/05 21:29, Blogger CarpeDM said...

May I just say how appropriate it is that your comments are furballs?

I am sorry for laughing. It is wrong. If it helps, I am also crying a little bit because I miss JIP and Papoila so dang much. And you and Hum-Hum, of course.

Oh, yeah, you'll be pleased to know that I finally finished my 100 odd things. Which I started before I went to Portugal. Crazy, huh?

Hugs, beijos and etc. Hey, would you email me your mailing address? I have something I need to mail to you.

At 25/7/05 23:08, Blogger Dale said...

Wait a minute. Do you have a good reason to trust these people? A lot of cases are maddenly difficult to get open -- I guess because the people who make them aren't the same people who service them -- but an hour? And every six months? We live in a positive snowstorm of animal hair, and two cheap computers seem to have lived in it for years with no problem. I do open them up once a year or so and swash them out with compressed air, but that's it. I'm skeptical of these repair people!

At 26/7/05 00:17, Blogger cat said...

Agreed what kind of computer do you have that a little compressed air wouldn't do the trick? Most computers have online manuals that will give you simple instructions on opening the casing. If you email me your model can probably find the instructions for you. That's a lot of money to hoover.

At 26/7/05 01:10, Blogger Candace said...

First of all, stop letting them sit inside the computer and this won't happen any more.

Second, I third the suggestion that you might be getting a line from these computer guys.

Husbando took the case off of ours with no problem and then just sprayed compressed air (which you can buy for pennies, compared to what they charged you) over the innards. HE'S a computer guy and he says you can totally do this yourself.

And only once a year, if that.

At 26/7/05 02:16, Blogger Panda said...

What did you say to that poor puppy? I've never seen an *actual* hang-dog expression before, but he's got one.

Your kitty is gorgeous.

We have the same problem with our vcr. Apparently, its really hard to read the tape if it has enough fur from which to knit another cat inside it. Who knew?

At 26/7/05 05:43, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

Awwwww, but they look so cute & innocent.

I'm guessing the dog hair was planted. Cats are always trying to blame the dog...

At 26/7/05 08:43, Blogger brooksba said...

Oh! The sweeties. Those pictures look familiar. I remember how camera shy Papolia was.

I'm sorry to hear that you had cat & dog hair in your hard drive. They just wanted to share in the whole experience.

I miss you and all three girls.

At 26/7/05 09:25, Blogger Jen P said...

The poor puppy looks so guilty while the cat looks so smug. Isn't that how it always goes?

Hoping you're well.

At 26/7/05 11:27, Blogger Noorster said...

My dog looks permanently chastised, while the cats have that perma-evil look on. I think a cat's eyes are simply not able to project guilt.

At 26/7/05 13:38, Blogger Diana said...

I do notice that tripod is not in the line up. Is she still at large? Is her mug shot being circulated on the evening news as the "third suspect wanted for questioning"?

At 26/7/05 15:34, Blogger Bubbi said...

Oh--I know mine is in need of a good cleaning out--it scares me but will be doing my own!

At 26/7/05 17:32, Blogger Stacey said...

They are both simply adorable. And look at the doggie's expression. Aww.

At 26/7/05 19:31, Blogger Kristin said...

DO NOT pay a can of compressed air at an office store and just pop open the case of the computer and spray the air everywhere. This will clean it. Do this about once every 2 months or so.

At 26/7/05 19:59, Blogger Scully said...

Is this like blaming the dog for eating your homework?

One word for you - hoover

At 26/7/05 21:21, Blogger Udge said...

Cigarette ash is a bigger problem for most people: the particles are tiny, sticky and electrically charged. But I'll join the chorus and say that compressed air should do just as well at a fraction of the price.

The only thing you need to be careful about is static electricity: be sure to ground yourself thoroughly before opening the case, and touch nothing but the (not carpeted!) floor, the computer and the air can before closing the case again.

At 26/7/05 21:42, Anonymous Manuela said...

No useful comment with respect to the hoovering thing... but AWWWWWWW!!!! I love love love the pics of your kitty and your sweet pup. Your sweet doggy looks soooo guilty I just want to hug her and give her a belly-rub!

I'm SUCH a freaking animal sap... I don't know what's WRONG with me... as soon as I see an animal doing something even remotely adorable I well up in tears like a complete idiot! And the older I get... the more of a sap I'm becoming!

At 27/7/05 07:07, Blogger Rozanne said...

I, too, am unable to offer any sort of worthwhile opinion, but I know B used to keep a can of compressed air around and occasionally spray it at the keyboard.

Those are two gorgeous critters, though, and worth 75 Euros in bother, I'd say.

At 28/7/05 05:05, Blogger amyesq said...

At least they look appropriately chastised. And cute.

Choking on furballs myself at the moment.

At 28/7/05 12:00, Blogger The Lioness said...

Savtadotty, I LOVED it! So... Poohish! The Dog fears for her life, that's why. Cameras Are Evil.

DM, yes, I hope I may some day laugh as well. I needed that money for a hair cut. And then some. Don't cry, soon I'll figure out how to make small movies and will post their antics. And you can post your beach dance w Papoila, remember?

Dale, well no. But I liked them, they said they'd do it right away. This bloke came in later w the exact same complains and he had to leave his comp, *gasp!* 15 Euros were for the Termal something (we call it plaque), which had to be replaced, and the rest was manpower, 60E/h. They opened it there and the problem is this - or I rather think it may be a problem: I have a Toshiba SPA40. They opened the first bit in fron of me, it's just a lid you unscrew and reveals the thermal something, which is supposedly very high quality. But then if you want to properly clean it you need to remove the whole back and I'm afraid that, much like guts, it will all suddenly spill out and I won't know where to put everything back. I've never seen the inside of my comp. But I can keep cleaning the smaller bit, which is the hair pathway anyway, and hope it prevents the hairs from getting in. No?

Cat, tnx, I migth still, will check out instructions and see how brave I feel.

Misfit, first and second - V FUNNY, expecially your thirding. I hope I can do it myself, this is insane. But I'm afraid it will be not only once a year, I have 2 VERY HEAVY shedders.

Panda, the miracles of cameras, show her one and she's gone. Or umbrellas. Or mowing supplies. Or big bouncy balls. The list goes on.
Yes, you'd think a bit of hair could be a lubricant.

At 28/7/05 12:02, Blogger The Lioness said...

Chimmy, they ALWAYS look cute and innocent and then you hunt for the defrosting steak or the crisps you left out - and they're gone!

At 28/7/05 12:08, Blogger The Lioness said...

Beth, my humblest apologies, I did mean to link to you and explain you took them. I've just written an update, sorry. Exam brain. I hope I can post a clip of them soon!

Jen P, the dog actually often has something to look guilty abt, more so than the cat, although sometimes it's a close one.

Noorster, JIP's are! When she's trying to do something she shouldn't I tell her "lo!" (I used to talk to them in Hebrew to practice and they learnt) and she looks at me, neck all stretched and special look on her face, and meows back in a very stretched way that amounts to "But I want to!" She only meows like this in these situations, she KNOWS.

Diana, very good! Fortunately, Hum-Hum (remember, Joom-Joom, Spanish J) sheds in owner-friendly clumps, and not so much as the others. Those hairs w finnicky roots get swallowed and are then regurgitated all together now. But that mug shot thingy? Precious!

At 28/7/05 12:13, Blogger The Lioness said...

Bubbi, you are a brave woman, let me know how it goes!

Stacey, THAt is their saving grace, I cannot resist them.

Scully, you have no idea. I do everyday w the portable one but it's a losing battle, my dog sheds horrors, I've had her bloodwork done and all bcs I thought it might actually be a metabolic problem or something. Even w fatty acids and diet changes, it's a nightmare. I've never EVER seen a dog shed so much. And the cat? Same. I brush and brush - she loves it - and SO MUCH REMAINS!

Udge, echt?? Didn't know that, bloody hell! Very good advice, thank you, I'll make sure to if I do venture there.

Manuela, she'd love you if you did, she loves everything that breathes. The cat will accept anyone too, she's a sure thing. tripod is a bit more wary but 2 out of 3 isn't bad! I'm w you, me too. Sappier every year.

Rozanne, one can coming! I will definitely do the more external bit, wish i'd thought to take a camera, unbelievable. They're worth more but I hope I never have to prove it.

Amy, as I said, we'll do the cleaning, sweetie. Here's to better days.

At 28/7/05 23:44, Blogger Udge said...

Actually, I've changed my mind upon hearing the magic word "Toshiba" meaning "it's a laptop": I assumed it was a typical big-empty-box floor model. There is very little spare space in a laptop case, be very careful opening it and taking things out. I would perhaps pay the money, just so that anything that goes wrong is somebody else's fault = repair costs.

At 29/7/05 20:04, Blogger brooksba said...

Don't worry about using the pictures. They are yours to use! I love looking at those pictures. They remind me over and over how wonderful it was to visit you and meet J.I.P, Papolia, and Hum-Hum and spend time with you.

DM and I can work this weekend on getting a video clip of her and Papolia playing at the ocean together up on a blog.


At 30/7/05 15:21, Blogger The June Cleaver Diaries said...

Okay, I am totally freaked out because your cat is IDENTICAL to the cat I grew up with. If your cat has a white tip on her tale I will truly pass out.

At 8/8/05 20:15, Blogger The Lioness said...

udge, that is my exact fear, i'd rather pay.

Beth, that would be fabulous, I have it as well!

So not Martha (:DDDDD LOVE the moniker!), she doesn't. Remain conscious!


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