Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Half-Blood Prince - So It Begins

I promise NO SPOILERS, will be cryptic.


23.30 - Positioned myself and my lethal weapons in front of bookshop (was v smart, went to a diff bookshop where I was the single client, YEY, no lines!)

23.43 - Entered shop and started pacing

23.59 - Started paying for book

00.05 - Sitting in car ready to drive home

00.11 - Got home miraculosuly without having run over anybody

1.11 - p.94 already, I will finish this book bfr I go to bed!!!

- Still cannot believe book is shorter than the other one, WHY??
- In the English edition (Bloomsbury for children) Harry looks demented, they must have changed artists
- First few paragraphs didn't bode too well but then it picked up
- p. 28 - WTF?? I KNEW IT! Oh the bloody wanker!

And will now go back to reading. I'll probably be finished bfr you lot get your hands on it. Will maybe update as story unveils but, again, promise NO SPOILERS. Will not be cruel and mean. Will just quietly gloat - and curse the bloody Kiwis and Aussies who should be finished by now, sod them!

1.27 - Loverboy talked to me. Make him stop.

1.37 - He's doing it AGAIN

p. 125 - The little shit, how fitting!

p. 132 - It was like having friends - *SNIFF*

1.58 - Was asked: "Is David dating anyone?" Don't know, don't care, don 't talk. Will sew his mouth shut yet

p. 146 - Oh hell, now he knows abt it!

2.26 - Oh no! Feeling a bit... sleepy - NOOO! Must find out what he'll teach him, must find out!

3.48 - Am tired of guzzling Coke. Gah!

p. 264 - Abt time, children!

p. 272 - Oh NOW you wake up, Harry.

p. 372 - CLOSE CALL!

5.09 - If my kidneys and bone calcium remain intact after this coke marathon I shall be very, very surprised.

p. 499 - GO HARRY, GO HARRY! Yey!

6.11 - I dearly wish I could sleep, am knackered and fully wired.

p. 556 - No! Nononononononononoooooooo! NOOOOOO!!!!! Rewrite it now, NOT FAIR!

p. 602 - Sod noble, Harry!

p. 604 - ...When none here are loyal to him. *SOB*

P. 605 - ...Through and through. *SOB*

7.09 - Done. I promised I wouldn't spoil it but I need to get this weight off my chest a bit, I won't say much but I can't believe IT and that one paragraph towards the end was too close for comfort, and it seems that all books now must end in copious tears and fuck. Just... FUCK! Tell me if you find a bigger, better word.

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At 16/7/05 02:24, Blogger Jen said...

Ok, I am going to have to stop reading you for a couple of days. I know you haven't actually put in any spoilers, but I get SO freaked out by the possibility of hearing anything about something I want to read or see... :)

When people talk about movies I haven't seen, I literally cover my ears and go "nananananana I can't hear you".

I know, I'm nuts.

At 16/7/05 04:16, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Oh, my God. You are killing me.

I want it so badly. I think it is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I will be downstairs haunting the lobby until it arrives.

Why do people insist on talking to us when we are reading? Don't they understand?

At 16/7/05 07:33, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

To tell the truth, I've read none of the Harry Potter books. Nor seen any of the movies. I don't know what that says about me as a person. I'm just being honest here. Throw your tomatoes if you must.

At 16/7/05 09:02, Blogger Savtadotty said...

Like lord chimmy, I have read none of the Harry Potter books. But you may be interested to know that in Israel nobody can buy the new one until tonight, after Shabbat ends. Sometimes the Rabbis rule this Democracy.

At 16/7/05 10:13, Blogger brooksba said...

After work tonight, I drove past a large book store here and noticed the strip mall's parking lot was packed. Being one who has not read any of the Harry Potter books (I saw one of the movies and thought it was okay, understand why some like it, but realized it doesn't seem to be my type of story), I was amazed at how many people lined up for this installment. I do get the whole fact of being overly excited over a book. Taking days off of work to read a book, this is not new to me. Planning these days months in advance, been there, done that.

I'm glad you got to read the book and can't wait for the story of how Loverboy sold you the book. With all the Harry Potter hoopola going on, I feel the need to revisit the Tower.

Just a question, did the vast amounts of Coke cost more than the book itself?

At 16/7/05 10:23, Anonymous ed said...

I suppose no spoilers means you can't say whether Dale's predictions were correct?

At 16/7/05 14:05, Blogger The Lioness said...

Now i've done it, my biorhythm is destroyed, it's 14.00 and i just woke up after not being able to fall asleep immediately at 7.30 bcs the book kept going round in circles in my mind. I know I smoked a pack in those 7 hours and drank 5 cokes. This morning I am noticeably dumb.

The movies are cute but the books are infinitely better. This one wasn't my favourite though. Don't know... Am still too tired to really think abt it. Must go to synagogue and Loverbopy dragged me out of bed through use of force and annoyance and all pets.

I'll answer you per email if you want, Ed.

At 16/7/05 14:13, Blogger K|nneret said...

DAMNIT!!! Now you're making me run to the bookstore and stand in line with screaming kids just so I can get my fix!!!


At 16/7/05 14:31, Blogger D said...

Harry Potter books have pictures in them?

At 16/7/05 19:48, Blogger Agent Sierra said...

I feel like I've spoiled any mystery about the books by having seen the movies.

Whaddaya think? Should I pick them up even though I've destroyed the magic?

At 16/7/05 20:37, Blogger The Lioness said...

As you should Kinneret, AS YOU SHOULD!

Yes, they have pics of little people who wave their hands when you wink at them. Colour pics.

Amanda, try the first one, get it from the library, see how you like it. The,books are delicious, I think, even after the movies.

At 16/7/05 22:50, Blogger aderyn said...

yes, much crying on my part as well.

At 16/7/05 23:07, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

Here you had to get tickets IN ADVANCE for mere PLACES in line. My friend MarciNYC was #6 in her area and waited for hours. My dear husband was #111 at our local Borders. He said the place was packed, you couldn't even browse other things (they included a 25% off coupon on any purchase at the same time) without holding up a sea of people, many of whom were dressed as the varioius characters. Makes you want to call the fire marshal. Anyway, he's reading it right now.

Personally I'm not a fan, but now I know where to skip to. Ha ha, thanks!!

At 16/7/05 23:07, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Ooooh - got my Harry Potter. Amazon came through. Good work at reading that fast, but will probably take me a week with my wife expecting me to go to work, and do things around the house and all.

At 17/7/05 15:13, Blogger Serialangel said...

Finished three hours and I've got my mania under control. I'm sending you a scary email, Lioness, just so you know. This book... gahgahgah. I've also got Ning! but thats more of a tic that a phrase....It took me...14 hours to read it, and I took my time, so I'm very proud of myself.

In fact I was supposed to be going to a Harry Potter party but it was too far away. Then I had to go and meet with one of my friends, and didn't get my sweaty palms on the book until 7pm yesterday!! But yes, the cruel. Say no more.

At 17/7/05 15:18, Blogger The Lioness said...

Usually I read it all in one sitting and then after a little while I re-read it, taking my time. This time am not even sure. Oh bah.

At 23/7/05 04:22, Blogger Imshin said...

Eldest is reading it in English, that much you know. And that I'm really pleased about that. But what I didn't take into account is that she would be soooooooooo slow reading it. If it was Hebrew she'd have finished it about three times by now.

And here's me dying of suspense. It's torture.

At 30/8/05 03:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are all GEEKS!!!!!! its just a book get over it


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