Sunday, July 17, 2005

Speaking of Jews...


Nice AND original. That must be why we never see these clips on oh-I-don’t-know, BBC? CNN? Every country's TV networks? That must be it.

Yes, Jews = Nazis, yes, Jews are solely responsible for corrupting and bringing down the British and French Empires, the Russian tsar, the murder of all our prophets and the occasional solar eclipse.

The apocalypse will NOT come from the skies, unexpectedly.

The apocalypse will be initiated by those we harboured and fed and taught, by those for whose civil liberties we fought, those we naively called our own. The enemy is within us.

The Western world will one day wake up and realise there are NO
buts, buts are NEVER acceptable.

The Western world will one day understand there areNO negotiation venues, NONE, for they wish not to negotiate. Their goal is the annihilation of every single Jew (they’re tree-huggers at heart though, as it turns out) and absolute, unequivocal World domination, especially the U.S. I couldn't make this shit up, watch the clip.

The Western world will one day have to rise as one against these sick fuckers and that day is closer than most dare to think. So much easier to attribute our own motivation to the motivation of those who move in spheres so dark and alien to us we cannot even begin to imagine it. And for the most part, those who can, indeed, begin to imagine it stop it immediately for it is entirely too terrifying and bleak.

But I did research in Ethology and I am here to tell you that ostriches do NOT bury their hand in the sand - why should you? It is not their concern anymore you know, whoever that they may be, it is ours. Everything is plural nowadays, the Islamists have made sure of that. It is them against the rest of the world, it is personal and it is deadly. And they don’t care who dies in the process, did you notice? Even if it is other Muslims, women and children. You are no longer safe anywhere, do you think that you can talk them out of it? I understand why you would want to but good luck with that. No, really.

I am bone-tired of the bullshit surrounding what can’t be fixed, it WILL come to a global war, and people are still desperately trying to believe that PC speeches and actions and acceptance of every single ethnic trait, even if it means pretending not to notice, say, honour killings, is the road to all of us living happy as one. You have no idea how bad it can be. One day soon you will.

In the meantime, why don’t we all join hands and sing “Father and Son”?


At 18/7/05 01:29, Blogger Candace said...

Oh my God.

I don't understand what makes them hate so much. I really don't.

That was chilling. And there were small boys in the room....can't say "children" because of COURSE there weren't any GIRLS.

At 18/7/05 02:02, Anonymous latyam said...

wow, thanks for the clip...disturbing. I was just at the holocaust museam in washington dc. It is unbelievable how much of the world is filled with hatred, how we don't learn from the past. My heart hurts so much...

At 18/7/05 04:19, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

What a bunch of nuts. What more can I say? They're nuts.

At 18/7/05 07:06, Blogger Jack's Shack said...

Very disturbing. I wonder if we will be lucky enough to see people wake up.

At 18/7/05 08:29, Blogger Savtadotty said...

I am so worried for my granddaughters...what a world they've inherited! They deserve better.

At 18/7/05 09:29, Blogger ontheface said...

When I mention clips like these to Arabic-speaking Israelis who report on the Arab world, they just shrug and ask me what else is new.

I try to be detached. I hope that only a small, fanatical minority subscribes to the beliefs of this hate-filled, incredibly ignorant preacher. Just as only a small, fanatical minority of Jews wishes for the destruction or transfer of all the Palestinians living under Israeli rule.

(Jews living in England in the 6th century? Not. Louis XIX? I hope that was a mistranslation)

At 18/7/05 12:16, Blogger The Lioness said...

There will have been girsl, Misfit, they were filming from the ground floor of the mosque. The women and girls will have been on the upper floor, looking down.

L., we don't leartn, I think, bcs we think it will only happen to others, never to us.

J., I don0t think we'll see it happen in our lifetime but who knows. This will surely escalate and wait for the first bomibing in an American tube, a few things might change then.

L., it did sound a lot like arba-essere so I don't think it was a tranlation mistake. No surprise there anyway.

At 18/7/05 12:42, Blogger Noorster said...

Oh, and that's just a drop in the ocean.

At 18/7/05 15:56, Blogger D said...

Yep, partytime. I must remind you however that it is MY role and place to be prophet of doom.
You do it well tho, Cassie. You're getting ME worried now...

At 18/7/05 16:50, Blogger Bubbi said...

Thanks for the Link Lioness.

Now if people only knew this guy is only one of many, preaching the same garbage.

The western world knows--they know--yet they want Israel and others to make deals with these people.

What? If we are nice enough--they will change? Oh Lord--this goes back so far--yet we still ignore the reality.

Why? So many reasons why and I fear your right--they will usher in WW3. However, they will loose.

How much destruction occurs before hand--I do not know.

Yerushalim Shalom Sha'alu

At 18/7/05 18:13, Blogger Nevermore said...

Very omnious statements, and sometimes a bucket of cold water on the face is needed. But I continue to be puzzled: why is it that you cannot stand Bush, again? Here in the US, someone listening to you would put you squarely in a red state.


At 18/7/05 20:07, Blogger Bubbi said...

Bush's demand for a 2 state solution is a betrayal of Israel of which the US is suppose to be her friend.

No other US prez has asked this of Israel. To add insult to injury--he is backing off on his promise of the "reality on the ground" by going with the 1949 borders which is no border at all--really.

In so doing--he is doing the one thing he said he would not do--negotiate with terrorists and telling Israel she has to as well.

At 18/7/05 20:32, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

But what do we do about it? Just wait?

At 18/7/05 20:39, Blogger brooksba said...

My comments keep getting longer and longer to this post and the comments to this post, I feel a post of my own coming on.

The clip disturbed me, on many levels. The hatred is bothersome and the argument seems illogical. It is twisted and full of propaganda, not facts. I just don't get what the Jews supposedly did against the world. And again, I wonder about the value of men teaching the supposed will of a higher power.

At 19/7/05 01:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

O indivíduo é idiota, e o problema é que haverá muitos iguais a ele, mas estou certo que a esmagadora maioria dos muçulmanos não pensará assim, como a esmagadora maioria dos judeus não perfilhará as ideias dos seus próprios idiotas - e infelizmente eles existem, não é?
Mas a tonalidade dos textos tem mudado, tornou-se lúgubre. Stress dos exames?

At 19/7/05 06:23, Blogger The Lioness said...

N., I know. Big, big ocean. We small fish. hell.

D., don't call me that, I shall be The One Who Too Was Heard! Contrary Ducthman.

B., I am not so sure the Western world does know. I think it's doing the utmost NOT to.

N., oy. Insult me in my blog, go ahead. ;) Without meaning to be offensive, I know you voted for him, Bush is a sad, scary wanker that might yet kill us all. When I say war I mean real war, the sort that will happen bcs we will nto be able to prevent it, bcs we will not believe it can get to that.

I don't mean that shameful thing going on in Iraque. Bush isn't trying to liberate anything, he's after oil and money, Bush could care less abt individual or national freedom. And where was Bush when other countries needed "freeing"? On the whole, I truly have no red state blood in me, not a drop.

B., yes.

J., not sure what we can do abt it. I mean, I do know we could be harsher and stringer re what we are willing to allow in our own countries. But not sure it would really even make adiff. And never going to happen anway so why dream.

B., it's never abt facts is it, not w the Islamists. The JEws are to blame for most of what is worng in thw world. Even the trees and the rocks were harmed, remember? And for the rest, America and the rest of our world. These are madmen, we will never understand.

A., não me parece q ele seja um idiota, infelizmente, acho-o muito perigoso. Também não acredito que a maioria dos muçulmanos não acredite. Crescem e vivem - nos paíse árabes e em muitos dos ghettos europeus - a ouvir isto e apenas isto, sem acesso a outra qualquer outra informação, como não acreditar?

A tonalidade dos textos vai variando, este parece-me que é dos poucos realmente lúgubres que tenho. O stress dos exames, claro, não ajuda nunca.

At 19/7/05 14:29, Blogger Agent Sierra said...

How chilling. I seriously don't understand how, on a spiritual/emotional level people can buy into this crap. I get the socioeconomic factors that contribute to this kind of fundamentalism, You're right. You couldn't even make that up.

At 31/7/05 22:29, Blogger Figlet said...

Thanks for posting this. Horrific, fascinating, frightening and something that the media should pay attention to....not "nipplegate"...not "brangenlia"


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