Thursday, September 15, 2005

"And we will look together"

This is why I shouldn't watch the news, it either a) depresses me or b) makes me laugh so hysterically I fear for the other eardrum which a) depresses me:


Bush warned the world today that the bird flu may be the 21st century's pandemia.


Of course he did.

Because he actually knows the meaning of 'pandemia'.


*coughs up disgusted furball*


At 15/9/05 23:43, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

Let's hope that he works more quickly on it than Reagan did on AIDS. Or at least in a more timely matter than on New Orleans.

At 16/9/05 03:28, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

The US is already out of the loop. They're not prepared for a virulent flu outbreak. In 1918 the Spanish flu killed half a million people in the US. Could it happen again? I think it is possible.

We're good at bureaucracy, but working plans seem to be out of our grasp.

At 16/9/05 15:32, Blogger D said...

I always thought the pope was to blame for aids. But Reagan will do just fine.
Haven't found a way yet to blame an American president for the Spanish flu, but someone will, don't worry.
If another natural disaster - let alone a pandemic - occurs, at least I can feel secure in the knowledge that Bush did it. Somehow.

At 16/9/05 15:57, Blogger The Lioness said...

Dany, are you mad? Who said anything abt blame? It's abt him being illiterate, which he is, and an ignoramus, which he also is, and my conviction that he wouldn't know a "pandemia" if it bit him on his sorry ass, and that he doesn't even know how to spell it.

I believe the man is an idiot and this being my blog, I get away with mocking him all I want. I, after all, have to live w his decisions, some of which affect all of us. You didn't like my post abt blame, fine. You thought I was wrong, I still say I wasn't, I still maintain every single thing I said and would add a few more. But that was a different post, you know. You want to make this one abt blame as well, knock yourself out. We're all free to use our imagination as it pleases us.

At 16/9/05 16:43, Blogger cat said...

Everyone in NYC is packed in so tightly and he hates us so much we will probably all die. Even more reason to fire him.

At 16/9/05 18:31, Blogger Candace said...

Bill Frist said it's the administration's fault that we're not prepared for such an outbreak. No, really, he did.

They're taking blame left and right.

Makes me wonder what the agenda for the blame-taking might be.

At 16/9/05 21:37, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

It seems like 65% of us over here think he's an idiot also. Hopefully he will not be reelected again, but one never can tell.
And we all get to suffer for it more than you, at least you can sometimes laugh while we just get taxed. Oh - forgot - the Republicans don't add taxes, they just add debt.

At 17/9/05 01:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you know that sheep are the dumbest creatures on earth, they just follow the crowd.

At 17/9/05 05:18, Anonymous Manuela said...

Um... just to be clear... it wasn't ME who made that most recent sheep reference. Firstly... I already did that a couple posts back... and secondly... I would never post anon. But, I think you already know that.

Regarding Bush... you know... he might have a point. Pandemias have been known to reek havick on even nation's of excellent preparedisnous. Just today I heard about excaped mice from a lab in the U.S. that are holders of the Boobonick Plague. I think that military action against the rodents of the world is the only solution to wipe out the threat of these evil vermin folk who have been fostering this peticular strane of chemical warfare in moveable rat cages for the last decade in spite of edicts by the RSPCA forbidding the development of these weapons of mass destruction.


Oh... and those of you who don't get the gist of my comment... check out Oxford Concise's definition of 'irony'.

At 17/9/05 12:58, Blogger Diana said...

Thanks for bringing a sardonic smile to my face with that one, dahling. Last winter, we had to isolate (and mask, of course) all coming into the clinic in rural Illinois, USA, with cough and a history of travel in the past month, until we (I) could sort the history and all out and decide if they fit the SARS profile. Wonder what this winter will bring. Not a cure, surely. It will happen, it is just a matter of time and viral luck. As antibiotics will be of no use against a viral illness, and vaccines take a long time to find and then mass produce, well, it won't be good.

At 17/9/05 19:52, Blogger Nancy said...

Uhmm Joeinvegas? He's on his second term. The one blessing of all of this is that he can NOT be reelected. HE is done. Best of all, historically former presidents do not hold other elected offices.

For which let us all devoutly thank God.

At 17/9/05 19:58, Blogger The Lioness said...

Hi Nancy, welcome. I wish I could give thanks but. BUT. What abt his brother?


At 18/9/05 02:35, Blogger CarpeDM said...

I would be surprised if he knew what it meant as well. I didn't. But that is what is for.

At 18/9/05 20:03, Blogger Udge said...

Would it count as "changing the subject" to remark that the little shit is right for once: bird flu could be extremely nasty indeed. And it's moving west: confirmed in Russia, suspected in Finland.

At 18/9/05 21:36, Blogger The Lioness said...

Are you lot doing this on purpose? You are, right? You are just pulling my leg.

Yes, avian flu = very bad, terrible, scary - but it's not abt that is it! It's abt his improbable use of a gancy word. Please see post after this one, maybe that will explain it better.

At 19/9/05 15:26, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Um, if he could figure out how to get the supreme court to permit a third term I'm sure it would be done. Sorry, not him specifically, I use the generic 'he' referring to the overall group that is the president, not the guy that stands up at the podium and smirks. Perhaps a national emergency can be called that would require elections to be suspended, or something.


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