Friday, October 21, 2005

And Motilium is a girl's best friend - UPDATED

- Feel much much better today, thank you all. The mention of crunchy nut cereal *gulp* almost destroyed me but no worries, gut mostly under control now. [And I know you meant well, dahling. Our tastes are just unfortunately very disparate seeing as mine are normal - crunchy NUT cereal?? Anglos.]

- Nausea induces red meat craving, which I otherwise never eat. EVER. But no point in depriving the poor bacteria of their iron [ferrous, of course] simply because I'm ill was there, Organic steaks wre bought. They were eaten slowly but surely.

- Today I crave the freshness of fish - sushi, if I'm up to it. If wasabi doesn't kick the out of control microbial flora's arse back into shape I'm a platypus! [UPDATED TO ADD: I am a platypus. Can't bear to think of it yet, will stick to mother's grilled sole and rice for now.]

- Watched Southpark's The Passion of the Jew yesterday. Yes, Mel*Gibson = mad as a hatter, we knew that. When I grow up I want to own my very own church synagogue too but mine will be INSIDE the house, see? Much more pious.

- A colleague of mine yesterday reinforced my conviction that you should never volunteer to help any colleague in charge of the courses' material unless you know said colleague EXCEEDINGLY well - oh the drama! Life is much more pleasant this side of the power trip.

- Another colleague of mine rang me just a while ago and announced that the Microbiology exam I should be missing as I type this (don't feel like linking, see post below) was postponed till NEXT FRIDAY. That means I may yet reduce my course load by three.

- Am still feeling surprisingly feeble and headachy. BEHOLD THE WONDERS OF TOXINS.

- Speaking of behold, BEHOLD:

55% Combativeness, 33% Sneakiness, 58% Intellect, 61% Spirituality

Valorous! Noble! Or possibly just a self-righteous jerk (but with the brains to keep you alive!)... You are a Smart Paladin!

Paladins are holy warriors. They are valorous defenders of the light. Unfortunately, most of them are so ardent in their defense they tend to meet sticky ends faster than you can say "rampaging red dragon." Many people look up to Paladins, while others just consider them stuck up, overbearing, or self-righteous.

Fortunately for you, unlike most Paladins, you're pretty smart. Which means that you're more likely to fall into the "admired" category, rather than the "obnoxious" or "dead" categories.

Much like the crusades, you manage to combine violence and religion, though unlike the crusades, you add a healthy does of intelligence. You may be a staunch defender of the faith, a valorous champion of the weak, or the stuff that jihads are made of. Which ever one you are, just be happy that you’ve got the smarts to back it up and make it work.

The RPG Class Test

Aren't I awe-inspiring for a self-righteous maleish androgynous twat, despite the unbecoming colours? The stuff that jihads are made of- mother will be so proud.

Shabbat shalom.


PS - Remember this? I've bought The Bone Collector. I'm so excited! And since I'm still feeling gutty, as it were, and cannot study (tiny, swimming letters), I envision a rather lovely soiree after kabbalat shabbat reading. Yey literacy!

PPS - DM dahling, please refrain from using the words cherry + flavour together, ichsa. Remember when Beth gave me those chewable cherry-flavoured thingies and I nearly died? Cherries are gorgeous, love cherries but much like nuts they must be eaten ON THEIR OWN.

PPPS - Do you lot know abt Postsecret? I must update my links to include it but go visit, I go every so often when I'm feeling not-raw. Very, very poignant. Bit sad, rather lovely.


At 21/10/05 18:07, Blogger CarpeDM said...

I am so glad you're feeling better. Poor thing. You shouldn't have to deal with the power trip. You tell this person I'll have to hurt them if they don't treat you nice.

Look at you, Ms. Smart Paladin. Don't you just rock.


At 21/10/05 19:41, Blogger brooksba said...


Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better and hope you are back to 100% + soon. I have seen the PostSecret before and loved it then and love it now.

As always, miss you terribly!


At 21/10/05 19:48, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

Glad you're feeling better!

And oh - I've had FOUR cards posted on PostSecret, including one in the syndicated section! Unfortunately none are up right now, lest I'd let you on to what they were! (I think I sent five cards altogether.)

At 21/10/05 23:36, Blogger Viscondessa said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 21/10/05 23:38, Blogger Viscondessa said...

With apologies to any other readers, since this won't mean much to anyone but the Lioness: I've rethought the situation, and I've come to an important conclusion. It wasn't ginger ale, or any other kind of soda, that you needed. It was the extra-special new beverage I sent you a picture of a couple days ago. Go look at it again. (And if you didn't look yet, for shame! I swear it will cheer you up!) It's an inspired product! Enriched with divine energy! Not to be missed! (I do wonder what it tastes like. Perhaps... Jewcy?)

At 22/10/05 00:37, Blogger Nancy said...

What else would a Lioness be but a Paladin?

Personally, I swear by ginger tea and ginger candy to settle my stomache.

good luck dear!

At 22/10/05 01:11, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

Do you play World of Warcraft? My husband's a paladin too!

At 22/10/05 01:11, Blogger Serialangel said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, I think the wve of illness is starting to crest. You'll be all jumpy in no time!

I can't see the problem with crunchy nut cereal - think of cornflakes, covered in honey and teeny tiny nutty pieces. It's manna manufactured! Everytime I'm down I crave it so badly (my Dad thiks I eat too much cereal, for some reason) its the perfect comfort food when your throat is up for it...

Postsecret is in my favourites and I click on it every sunday. I love it, so many of my secrets are being posted on my behalf and I feel freer for it.

Betty xx

At 23/10/05 16:34, Blogger cat said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better. Postsecret rocks. So many dirty little secrets in the universe. What a good way to express them.

At 23/10/05 19:08, Blogger Kristin said...

So sorry you've been sick. We have managed to catch every nasty bug thats been going around too....both GI stuff and upper respiratory, fun.

And, I love your paladin.

At 24/10/05 15:44, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Such a low sneakiness number - but the nose looks a little off.

At 25/10/05 00:17, Blogger Henri-V said...

Bahh - for meat. Yay - for organic. ; > Now I know about the anti-cherry flavor sentiments, too!

Very glad you feel better. And your new profile image has cat-boobs! How grand!!

At 25/10/05 00:18, Blogger Henri-V said...

Errr, bat-girl boobs! (didn't see the wings.)

At 25/10/05 12:10, Blogger Bubbi said...

Hello Lioness--been awhile--seems the GI junk is going around--world wide as it seems.

Got me :( Jumping abruptly out of bed is just wrong--so wrong.

Glad your on the mend.


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