Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Now with pink hair.

Of sorts.


Was fed up with my hair, see, and walking past that aisle...


Bad idea. Bad, bad, BAD idea.

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At 7/12/05 01:52, Blogger smashinglady said...

Hi, I'm a late de-lurker, i know you asked for folks in the previous post but i was too shy - why, i don't know...i'm a confused person :) i started reading your blog over a year ago and i think i got to it from tertia's. i'm a blog addict, i rarely comment but i love reading people's insights and opinions about life. I love your writing - it really touches the heart and feels true to the soul.

So pink! I want to see pictures! I would love to dye my hair purple but my curly hair doesn't take to color very well except for the one time i accidentally attempted my own highlights [i'm still paying for that mistake, can we say one huge highlight on the right side of my head]

please post pictures :) i can live vicariously through you.

At 7/12/05 04:03, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Oh my God. Pink? Really and truly? I am so jealous. I have not yet worked up the nerve to do the pink streaks yet.

Hmm. Two comments so far and we both think this is cool. Ha!

I love it when you say Oy by the way. Not sure why. Because I am a dork?

At 7/12/05 04:21, Anonymous Nicole said...

Oy, pink. I hear your concerns.

Mine's currently not BRIGHT ORANGE like it turned once (nasty, nasty), but its certainly more copper than I would like. Perhaps even a shade rust-colored. And with my sometimes peaches and cream complexion it doesn't work so well.

Serves me right for buying the stuff that was on sale, right? I expect another trip is in order this weekend.

At 7/12/05 04:42, Anonymous Manuela said...

Let. Me. Guess.

You decided you wanted to be a ruby red-head. A scarlet seductress. A crimson coquette. A vermillion venus. A carmine courtesan. And given that you were presently blonde... and the shade of carmine that you purchased was not dark enough... you have been left with... pink.

Oh, darling... learn to embrace her status as a pink pin-up, a blushing broad, a salmon siren. If anyone can pull it off... you can!

Oh... photo please.

At 7/12/05 04:44, Blogger twisteddragonfly said...

Pink? Well wouldn't have guessed you would have taken a liking to that shade, but wait.... I can see it now. Must see pictures!! Demand pictures!!

BTW...I am currently deep mahagany, which on me in the sun is scream in your face purple.

At 7/12/05 08:42, Blogger Teri said...

If elephants can be pink, why not a lioness. Enjoy the liberation...and good for you!

Ciao for now...


At 7/12/05 09:09, Blogger Ed said...

You know you're going to be inundated with cries of "pictures, pictures", don't you?

That was my first thought, too.

At 7/12/05 10:24, Blogger brooksba said...

See, the question that remains is "What colour pink?" Hot pink could be punk. The pink my hair always ended up a week after dying it red was never quite what I would have pictured for myself. But! You can pull off anything dahling. I agree with other commenters, PICTURES! Please, purty please with yummy candy on top?

At 7/12/05 12:01, Blogger The Lioness said...

HI Smashinglady, tnx for delurking. You did a brill job of it! I forgot to mention that the camera is a pain right now, it won't recognise new batteries and I can't do anything to make it work. So pics, will take a while. But I will eventually embarass myself, promise. this colour is supposed to fade away w washing.

DM, pinkish of the dark sort.Don't be envious, believe me, nothing to envy. You'll see.

Nicole, THANK YOU! It washes me out, my not having a peaches and cream complexion - *kick*, you infidel. Good luck w the mending.

Manuela, actually no, I was bored and fed up w my look and it was just there, winking at me. Bugger it. I cannot pull it, sadly. It turns out if I experiment I must go lighter, not darker. I think. maybe I'm trapped here.

TD, I love pink and look good in it which led me to think - well, you know what. I had a friend who looked absolutely stunning in bright pale green. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it!

Teri, no liberation to be had. Or at least now I need to be liberated again.

Ed, see above, camera not cooperating. Have patience, it's a bloody virtue, I'm told.

Beth, really I can't. It's a darkish reddish pink. looks rather good, just not on me. Blah.

At 7/12/05 15:55, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Pink elephaants! Pink elephants! Haven't seen them in years, are they migrating again? Most people see them on New Years Eve, so I guess it's time.
(notice I didn't mention pictures? With Photoshop you can turn things any way you want)

At 7/12/05 16:48, Blogger Diana said...

Well, at least it isn't acid green or jaundice yellow.

Of course we want pictures.

At 7/12/05 17:01, Blogger Teri said...

Go forth and re-liberate then...the "aisle" awaits. And I eagerly await the results. Let's see, pink and auburn make...????


At 7/12/05 18:20, Blogger Nancy said...

there's a reason I tell 'Pup that it is soooo worth it to spend an rather large amount of money that .. yes... I know we don't really have.. but. While I'm willing to DIY many things, my hair is NOT one of them. I am not good with hair, and my pysche is very tender where my hair's color is concerned. It just is.

At 8/12/05 00:40, Blogger Rozanne said...

Ooops!!!! I once had my sister henna my hair and it came out greenish brown (kinda like some varieties of baby poop). I was horrified and I've blocked what I did to rememdy the problem. Dyed it darker maybe with chemicals instead of the natural stuff?

At 9/12/05 17:54, Blogger The Lioness said...

Joe, never look an elephant in the trunk, as I always say... And as if I even have the time to open Photoshop, let alone learn how to use it!

Diana, there's that comfort. Will try and find a cam I can use to save this for posterity, it is so very worthy of it.

Teri, what auburn?? I had never auburn hair, now I do a bit, in places. I think. It's all a dark pinkish blur.

Nancy, yes, never be bored and walk by hair products! The end result is rather brill, it simply doens't become my sallow complexion. Gah.

Rozanne, I am indeed thankful for small favours, can't imagine what green hair would do to my face, nothing good for sure! I fear I may have to decolourise it or whatchamacallit and then go blonde again. The horror of trying again!

At 9/12/05 20:26, Blogger Agent Sierra said...

I, think we need to see pictures as well.

At 11/12/05 22:30, Blogger Ana said...

Pictures, please!


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