Saturday, January 21, 2006

As good as it gets and that ain't saying much

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Lioness!

  1. Lioness will always turn right when leaving a cave.
  2. In Eastern Africa you can buy beer brewed from Lioness.
  3. Only twelve people have ever set foot on Lioness.
  4. The canonical hours of the Christian church are matins, lauds, prime, terce, sext, none, Lioness and compline!
  5. Ancient Chinese artists would never paint pictures of Lioness.
  6. If you lick Lioness ten times, you will consume one calorie!
  7. Lioness can use only about ten percent of her brain.
  8. It takes more than 500 peanuts to make Lioness!
  9. Lioness can be found on a Cluedo board between the Library and the Conservatory.
  10. Antarctica is the only continent without Lioness!
I am interested in - do tell me about

1) , and yet she gets lost every time
2) but it tastes meaty
3) but she insisted on them wearing a sock
4) , this is her way of boycotting the Catholic Church since she can’t find the switch
5) because she doesn’t much care for ethnic art
6) and more than your fair share of phucking DNA
7) on a VERY good day
8) , she calls them Dozers. They're happy peanuts.
9) putting up posters against Kosher food
10) and it shall remain so bcs it’s too bloody cold for as long as global warming sees fit to keep ice more than a memory.
10.1.) Thinking of drowning bears and starving penguins is making Lioness feel ill and laika-ish all over again so this will be it. Lioness is fine but still very inadequate with words and reading and keeping up in general, plus Lioness has exams Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri; then Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri; then Mon, 2 on Tue, 2 on Wed, and Thur, and then maybe rinse and repeat – so, Lioness is out of here again, where it doesn’t feel as home as much as it should but this too shall pass [and there is that Kosher horror thing that needs to be discussed] and fortunately there’s no time to worry abt this so Lioness leaves you w a word from our sponsors:

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Sell myself on ebay.

Get your resolution here

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At 21/1/06 22:00, Blogger Crescendo said...

Interesting topic(s) !

At 21/1/06 23:02, Blogger brooksba said...

If you sell yourself on eBay, I bet you'd get quite the price!

Best of luck on all the exams. You can do it!

Missing you terribly!


At 22/1/06 00:18, Blogger Viscondessa said...

News for you: am home, over jetlag, found an apartment, will collect furry child from her caretaker and resume normal life shortly. Companion adapting admirably. Now send me your news and we'll be even.

At 22/1/06 01:10, Blogger Ed said...

That 10% can achieve an awful lot, though.
And Antartica doesn't know what it's missing.
Does the bidding on Ebay stretch to infinity?
Because you would surely be priceless. :)

At 22/1/06 03:42, Blogger Diana said...




At 22/1/06 06:27, Anonymous noorster said...

Honey, do you attend five different universities?
N, keeping fingers crossed.

At 22/1/06 10:47, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Hey! Beth and I were talking about you selling yourself on eBay and the thing is, the buyer would pay the shipping costs so...this would be the perfect way to get you to come to America.

Except I'm not sure we could afford you. You are priceless.

At 22/1/06 11:11, Blogger Udge said...

Three weeks of exams? That alone is Laika-inducing. Fingers crossed, big long-distance hugs.

At 23/1/06 13:30, Blogger Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

you are a tiger
if we were locked in a candy sore together what would u do to me?

At 24/1/06 21:13, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Too many exams. Ooooh (shudder).
But the items do leave many openings to imagination. Thanks.

At 25/1/06 03:22, Anonymous Manuela said...

Smooches, darlin'.... big fat wet slobbery Caribour ones...


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