Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I finally did it!

I bloody shagging sodding fucking did it!

Not only did I actually manage to be there for a change, but - I PASSED BONES!

Bones, Bones, bones, bones, bones!!

It feels even better than this - and believe me, it felt fabulous!


I PASSED BONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I tore all the stupid, imbecilic, inane pages into small pieces and let them fly out my car window, all of them, not bothered abt littering for once, I needed to be cleansed of all the rubbish and IT FELT SO BLOODY BRILLIANT, who cares if the transversal process of the 6th cervical almost has a ridge instead of a blade-like ventral surface, who gives a bloody damn abt the shape of the sacrum in all species, in what demented world will I need to know how to assemble carpal bones for fuck's sake, and what good will knowing 19 very long and deranged anatomic laws and principles and how many types of rays fish fins have and how they are [2, dull] ever do, and I will try my utmost to forget abt the stupid mesoplagiomeric and mesacromeric and meselcsimeric planes and how their segments and what have you are SO VERY HELPFUL IN DESCRIBING HERMAPHRODITES (sic) and also VERY HANDY TO DEFINE FISH FILETS (sic)- the Theory bit was all bollocks and perfectly useless and dreadful to memorise, the Practical-Theoretic exam (learning ALL things boney abt 9 sodding species, Chicken included) almost had me in tears, the Practical oral exams throughout the semester were a nightmare, I look frightful, have been underslept for ages, am utterly knackered and always short of time, am more than a bit dense with exhaustion and actually forgot my own name a few days ago - but IT'S OVER.

Two exams down, ten more to go.


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At 26/1/06 00:58, Blogger Serialangel said...

Yay!!! I'm so happy for you over this because I know you've had a lot of trouble with bones (I don't know half the words you said in your post; it sounds so intelligent)

I feel for yo on the test front though; I know that next year I'm starting my degree course, but I won't at that level for years - not at the point where I've forgotten my own name during revision, but I've forgotten everyone else's name whilst revising... Keep strong and lovely and drinking lots and lots of tea unless you've found something better because we all love you very much.

(Not sure that was coherent: I love you very much and I'm happy you've jumped this barrier because everyone deserves a break.)

Betty x

At 26/1/06 05:04, Blogger Candace said...


At 26/1/06 06:09, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Sweet! I am so happy for you! That is incredibly great! Look, I am using multiple exclamation points!!!!!!!

You can do this. I know it.

At 26/1/06 06:23, Anonymous Noorster said...


At 26/1/06 06:31, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

That's awesome Lioness!

I can just imagine how beaming your face was to get the news ;)

Heck, this post made me grin ear to ear. I'm glad to find you well...

At 26/1/06 06:45, Blogger brooksba said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! Way to go Dahling! You totally rock! Congratulations and celebrate and have fun and be proud and ROAR! Beautiful!

At 26/1/06 14:21, Blogger Diana said...


(big, slobbery smooches)

The only use for such things as Bones is to be able to moan about it in the locker room, so to speak, with your future colleagues, all of whom had equally miserable experiences.

Don't want to miss out on bitching with the gang, do you?


(MwaH! Smooch!)

At 26/1/06 16:03, Blogger cat said...

Fanfookingtabulous! Congrats to you.

At 26/1/06 19:47, Anonymous lala said...

Thank g-d!!!! Congratulations!!

At 26/1/06 20:49, Blogger Udge said...

Hooray! Big hugs and large quantities of alcohol all around!

But: ten more? Oh my God, you poor Lioness.....

At 26/1/06 21:21, Blogger The Lioness said...

Nine, only 9 more to go, I aced the bloody Practical Semiology exam! I was given the Canine General Assessment exam and diagnosed dandruff and lordosis while I was at it and after finding the popliteal lymphnode (it was a dog) the teacher told me it was enough, I could leave, my profficiency was so obvious I didn't need to do anything else and would I close my mouth and go? It all took abt 2 min, I was flabbergasted!

In fairness, all exams have been fast but she told ME I was profficient and hardly asked antyhing, bloody hell you lot, I am not used to this competnecy of mine in vet school, what next passing Biochem??

At 26/1/06 21:23, Blogger The Lioness said...

Oh i am so rude, so sorry, just a few hours ago i got all excited bcs they would be showing a movie i want to see on the 12th of January and Loverboy asked me what date did i think it was and i offered "the 7th?" and i believe he's still laughing - so, am v v tired but please believe me:


For bloody everything really. Kisses and hugs.

At 27/1/06 12:22, Blogger Bubbi said...

Hoorah! Good for you!

At 27/1/06 18:33, Anonymous Manuela said...

Well fan-fucking-tastic!!!! And yay for us that you're back!

(It was the caribou smooches that did it... right?)

At 28/1/06 01:43, Blogger Ed said...

Did Carlos help you with the bones? :)

At 28/1/06 04:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 28/1/06 11:20, Anonymous Kath said...

Muitas felicidades!

At 28/1/06 15:02, Blogger zhoen said...

Memorizing, even when it's forgotten right after the exam, changes the brain. Congratufuckinglations!

Good to know there will be another good vet out there soon.

At 29/1/06 17:03, Anonymous Bojana said...


At 30/1/06 01:31, Anonymous Kath said...

Hi there! Thanks for commenting! Now that were doing this, I just wanted to share a funny thought I had when I read that you had "passed bones." I was thinking of "passing" in the medical sense, and I was wondering (a) how this alarming excretory event had come to pass (had you, in a fit of gluttony, ingested a small mammal whole?), and (b) how you could possibly sound so elated about it. And then, of course, I turned my brain back on. But I thought the anecdote might amuse...

My shockingly non-abundant Portie skills, which are evidenced in their entirety above, were acquired in Brazil, where I lived for two years back when the Neanderthals still had a fighting chance in the hairy-ancestor lottery. And very little has stuck, although the occasional "tudo bem" escapes my chapped lips, as does "beijao" and "caipirinha". No wait, caipirinha doesn't escape my lips -- not very often, anyway.

Must go to bed now... it's wahaaay past my bedtime.

At 30/1/06 16:17, Blogger Ana said...

Congratulations!! That's a relief, I can imagine!

At 31/1/06 10:23, Blogger 4 Leaf Clover said...

hey lionness! CONGRATULATIONS!
it's the lunar new year going on here, so we're busy celebrating. will throw in some well wishes for you too... so here's wishing you "xing xiang shi cheng", may your wishes come true.

At 31/1/06 14:49, Blogger K|nneret said...

Mazal Tov!!! WOOOOOOhooooOOOOoooOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! This is BIG :) Congrats babe and glad to see you back :)

I am so glad. You ROCK.


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