Sunday, January 29, 2006

Snowing in Lisbon

I ask you! HOW???

Very bad news I'm afraid, very bad cold wave, there's no central heating in our houses, in our schools, buses - AT ALL. I'm freezing here, can't imagine the poor things up North [actually, just found out it's colder in Lisbon]. People will die, people will surely die. It's heartbreaking


It's truly bad, it's snowing in the deep South, it's snowing in coastal towns, it snowed on my parents on their drive back from the beach, the snow will turn to ice, Porties don't know how to drive anyway, add snow and ice - expect madness and casualties. And all I can think of is the elderly, the ones who receive a pension of 100 Euros a month and can barely stay alive, the ones who often starve to deah out of pride , bcs they do not want to say they are hungry and dehydrate so fast, the ones who are alone and have trouble moving and live in decrepit houses. And the homeless, I hope the tube is left open for them.

And because I have a stupid exam tomorrow, and a stupid exam on Wednesday, and a stupid exam on Friday, I cannot even drive around w hot, sugar-loaded tea, cannot try and find extra blankets to distribute among our very own who live inside cardboad boxes on doorsteps of our lovely, bountiful city, more than you would believe, all I can do is wring my hands and foul-mouthedly curse those who think their actions, ecologically speaking, affect none, not even them, those who do not care abt what world their children and grandchildren will leave behind, those who view such concerns as paranoia, lack of proper education and evidence of lefty beliefs.

WELL. I cannot stand the communists and am as fine and sane and educated a snob as you could ever hope to find - and I DO care, and I DO worry, and it's MY water you're fouling, it's MY air you're thickening, it's MY natural resources you're depleting, it's MY health you're harming, the earth is round and exceedingly small in some vital matters, you bloody self-absorbed, navel-centric, minor pan-lords .

This is a disaster, futuristically speaking, I cannot believe this. This is frightening. How are we as a country ever going to be able to handle such humungous weather changes?

Long Live Laika, yes?

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At 29/1/06 19:48, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Oh, that is not good. Not good at all. I've been saying all along that anyone who doesn't believe in global warming should pay attention to our weather lately. It's Minnesota. In January. Our temperature hit 50 degrees F this week. 50 degrees! That is not normal. Normal is below 0 but it hasn't been that for awhile. At least not that I can remember.

And now snow in Lisbon? Oy indeed.

Keep warm. Beijos.

At 29/1/06 21:54, Blogger brooksba said...

Snow in Lisbon? There are drastic changes going on with weather patterns. It is the end of January and it is 34 F/1 C here in Minnesota. This is much warmer than normal. Send the cold back our way, we're used to it.

Keep warm and I'll be sending warm thoughts to ALL Porties today.

At 30/1/06 14:25, Blogger Diana said...

Just too bizarre! Our Midwest-in-the-States winter, like Beth and DM, is about 30 degrees warmer than it should be. Your poor people. So horrible to be cold and not able to do anything about it, especially the elderly who have fewer physical reserves and the financial limits, too.

At 30/1/06 16:21, Blogger Ana said...

Yes, I couldn't believe it either when we drove out of the garage and it was snowing. It's frightening too, because we are so not prepared for this.
Our house is old and we have wooden windows so you can imagine how much we spend to keep it warm. I can't help thinking about to people who simply cannot spend that much on heating.

On the other subject, I will start working on the 20th so if we could meet before that it would be great.

Oh, and, I'm so glad you're back.

At 30/1/06 16:46, Blogger Nancy said...

This was a very strange summer, with all the storms we had in the Americas, and then this warm winter. I dread this coming summer! We've just not had enough rain here, and that could mean fires.

I'm sending warm thoughts Lioness.

At 30/1/06 22:39, Anonymous Manuela said...

Oh, dear... how horrible... first fires and now this?

At 1/2/06 21:16, Blogger M said...

how could it possibly be snowing there? it's 20.5 degrees Celsius here (69 degrees Fahrenheit). No snow.


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